November calendar

Here we go. Get ready for a month filled with events and places to visit.

****Whoops-correction to calendar-San Diego Vintage Flea Market is Sun Nov 6th. We made a mistake but be sure to go on Sunday, we were there in Sept and it is a great and busy market.


November Calendar

November Calendar

Vintage California Rocks

We finally made it to Vintage California and are we glad we did. Located at 305 E. Grove in the City of Orange, CA. it is like an indoor flea market (only a good one). It has individual booths for each vendor that are restyled and refreshed constantly. In fact we saw several vendors when we were there, working away. The store starts out with several huge outdoor light poles done in an aqua color in the first booth facing the front window. If I only had a place for one, what a statement in a backyard or driveway entrance they would make.  Vintage California

The City of Orange has a downtown circle, a roundabout, and many businesses are down there. It is such a beautiful place with lots of houses worth visiting, Victorian and bungalows abound. The neighborhoods are darling. We like to drive around just to look at them. Restaurants are all over the place and antique stores are on every block. One of our favorite stores we talk about a lot, Country Roads, is downtown. So plan to spend the day but don’t forget to wander over to Vintage California. It’s a short distance from the circle, maybe 5 minutes. It will be worth your visit.

Vintage CaliforniaWhile we were in Vintage California we were surprised to find a couple of our favorite vendors from flea markets are also selling in there. What a great idea to get your name and your treasures found. In fact we wanted to show you how a good dealer gets noticed and remembered so we included the shot of Anything Rustic’s booth. How to market yourself 101. Next we noticed Junk Yard Junky’s sign and booth. These girls know how to display! The other vendors did just as well. The whole time we were there we were saying “oh look at that” or “I need that”. We are so glad we found out about this place from our friend Maria, at Be U Accessories. That’s exactly how it should work, we should be telling each other about these great places, so they can stay in business. We keep saying “shop small business” and support these individuals. The phone number is 714-602-8998. Call them for hours and directions.

We will be going back. There’s this one thing I wanted….

Thanks for reading…Bonnie (and Amy)


Mantel mania

I am getting started on my next project today. My mantel has been sitting here unpainted for 2 years.. I hate to admit that.  I searched and searched for one, deciding the ones I found were too ornate or large for my house.  I finally found the perfect one at King Richards Antiques in Whittier. Paid all of $60.00 for it. Then I brought it home and stared at it.  Still staring at it…

Annie Sloan Old White is my paint of choice since I have done other pieces of furniture with it that are currently in my front room. Sanding is a foreign word to me. There will be none of that done in my home!  So look at the picture of the mantel before I start and next week we can look at the finished one. Thinking about mantels made me look up some. Of course they are much more elaborate than mine. I guess I am more of a plain jane, trying to simplify things. Of course, I don’t even have a fireplace so no need to consider that. I just like the look of a mantel under my big screen tv to display holiday items, candles, etc. It is right across from the front door so it’s the first thing you notice when you come in (unless you notice the dust bunnies first–quit looking!).

Going to all these different flea markets and boutiques  and antique stores I have seen hundreds of mantels. It seems like most older homes had fireplaces, not as much now, especially in Calif. You can find them rescued from old houses, handmade, re-purposed, it’s amazing.. And the detail put into some of the mantels, there is every style you can think of, the variety is endless. Anything from plain jane to marble, wood, brick, carved, the choices go on and on. Here’s a few I found.

So paint brush and rollers ready  set  go!! Since I gave myself the time limit of next weeks blog, I guess I better get started. Wish me luck!!


Thanks for reading…Bonnie