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Hi, it’s Bonnie,

We had such a good response to our tips blog, thanks guys. We thought maybe a few more ideas and signs would be nice.  One of the first signs we noticed was from Lilwoods and we have never seen another like it. Clever isn’t it? We remembered her booth long before we actually met  her, and her sweet personality and great picks, which keep us going back to see her and her booth.

Lilwoods Vintage

One key thing to think about is keeping all your social media the same as the name of your company. Names are so important. I remember the name of your booth first, then I think of yours-because I’m on Instagram so much. Having a good catchy name helps you to gain followers, customers and friends! We brainstormed for months before we hit on Weremadabout, and it took us another two weeks to agree on it! Remember mother/ daughter duo!!!  We have had trouble following vendors when the names don’t match up. I love when a vendor puts up a great sign. Tell us your name, tell us to follow you, tell us where you are selling next, put up a sign that customers remember and show them you are active on social media. Lots and lots of times we have found a vendor or a venue because of a Instagram photo. When we ask “do you have a business card?” or “are you on Instagram?” it is because we want to find you again and follow what you do. When a vendor doesn’t have either, I always ask “are you on Facebook?”  Please be active somewhere if you want to be a more successful dealer. It is a great tool for sales and encouragement too, which we all need. Girl power, man power, people power, whomever, praise and acceptance are so valuable.

I am always surprised, happily, at how most of the vendors we meet are so generous with their information and referrals. Lots of times we have been told, “I sold all mine but so and so has some”.  Absolutely love that! There is room for all of you, look at how many vendors do similar items already. It’s all how you arrange and decorate your booth and how you present yourself. If you never stand up and talk to customers you won’t get sales. Sales are hard, no one wants to be rebuffed, but it’s necessary. Pushing yourself to be friendly, generous with your ideas, and open makes you one of my favorite dealers. I’m not coming back if you aren’t nice, who would? Luckily that doesn’t happen often. Most of the dealers we know are professional, happy and they love their pieces as much as we do.So think about your overall impression on customers, we notice it all. It makes a difference.

Thanks for reading, Bonnie and Amy…

P.S. You may notice the ads on the right side of our blogs, if any purchases are made from these companies, we will receive a small amount of compensation to help with our expenses in creating the blog and Instagram.


November calendar

Here we go. Get ready for a month filled with events and places to visit.

****Whoops-correction to calendar-San Diego Vintage Flea Market is Sun Nov 6th. We made a mistake but be sure to go on Sunday, we were there in Sept and it is a great and busy market.


November Calendar

November Calendar

Plaster Painted Pumpkins!

Fall pumpkins

Fall pumpkins

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I adore the changing of the colors, crisp golden leaves, a little cool nip in the air. It’s refreshing and welcome after a hot summer. I love decorating and baking and Fall festivals. So it was second nature for me to paint my pumpkins, just one more tradition for the season.

I painted my pumpkins a couple of years ago and loved how they turned out. The idea probably came from Pinterest. (Isn’t this where all amazing ideas eventually end up?) I grabbed different colors of spray paint and ribbons and adornments and glitter and went to town.


This go around, I had just bought the beautiful Merlot plaster paint from Sweet Peas Charm (go read the blog Sweet

Merlot Plaster Paint

Merlot Plaster Paint

Peas Charm & Pumpkins, if you haven’t yet). I love this color so much, that I had to incorporate into my Fall decor. This is the same Merlot I used on my wooden pumpkin. I used 2 coats on the pumpkin and sprayed it with Jewel’s Magic Spray by the Plaster Paint Company. This helps to set the paint and creates a nice finish.

After the pumpkin dried, I chose a stencil that I felt was Fall-ish in design to put a finishing touch on. I used a cream colored art paint, as I didn’t have any plaster paint in a soft cream. I used 2 different designs and then dabbed a few ‘sparkles’ around to give it a finishing touch. One more coat of Jewel’s Magic spray.

Stenciled Pumpkin

Stenciled Pumpkin

And now I have a colorful festive pumpkin for my kitchen island!

Please comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading…


Sweet Peas Charm & Pumpkins

This past weekend mom and I went to Old Town Temecula to attend a workshop held by Sweet Peas Charm. Lynn is the sweetest lady and so creative. I first met her at the Temecula fair earlier this year. Her display booth held plaster paint by The Plaster Paint Company. There were several colorful furniture pieces. Lynn specializes in bringing life back to furniture. Her gallery at is filled the pieces she has created. From a clock table (ingenious) to side tables and chairs. She is inspirational!

Sweet Peas Charm

Sweet Peas Charm

There are 2 locations to find her creations and Plaster Paint. Fourth St. Antiques in Old Town Temecula (a great place to spend a day) and The Merchant’s Mercantile in Anaheim. She can also be found at some of the Southern California Vintage markets. Check her site for dates and details.

Mom and I signed up to take a plaster paint workshop and create a few unique pumpkin decorations. It was a small workshop, just perfect for getting to know everybody. Her sweet daughter in law Valerie was there, along with my mom and two of the nicest girls we’ve met.

Lynn had the table set up with wooden pumpkins, a selection of Plaster Paint colors and adorable stencils and embellishments. There are about 48 colors to choose from, including some Metallics. Although we love Chalk Paint, this is more affordable and easy to work with (see colors in gallery below).  I chose the Merlot color (hello!! Remember the T’wine bottles) and mom choose Sweet Cream. The paint has great coverage and it didn’t take long for it to dry. I have to say the Merlot was

Merlot & Sweet Cream Pumpkin

Merlot & Sweet Cream Pumpkin


After about 10 minutes of drying and chatting, we moved onto the stencils. I choose a pattern, while mom choose a sweet flower design. We laid the stencil over the first layer of paint and lightly dapped the stencil color over it. It doesn’t take a lot of paint to get the look you want. Valarie choose the Toasted Marshmellow and painted arrows and Family on hers (adorable), the other girls did a Black and “Spooky” and a Chevron pattern. All the pumpkins came out so unique

Sweet Cream & Coraline Pumpkin

Sweet Cream & Coraline Pumpkin

and cute!

Of course, I had to buy some paint, Merlot, Native Stone and the Jewel’s Magic Seal (a great sealer). Stay tuned for my project using The Plaster Paint….


Thanks for reading…


Eventful August

Vindustrial- Driving Miz DaisyAmy and I were talking on the phone last night, as we do almost every night. It has always been great to have a good relationship with her and now to be producing the blog and Instagram together is even better. In fact we have met several other mother-daughter teams-one is Far Away Hood. They have a business making signs with metal letters and reclaimed wood that is going full steam ahead, giving them time together and a shared interest.

Vintique Alley- RiversideIt’s inspiring. Anyway, Amy and I were talking about August and all the flea markets and shows coming up so I thought I would give you guys an insight into our coming month. We try to plan it out so one of us at least hits the venues and stores we love so we can feed you pictures of the great booths out there. We are amazed at how talented these vendors are. We are constantly amazed at the quality. Hope to see you at some of these.

Double-check dates & places.

August 2016 Event Calendar

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

I can’t believe they did that!

I frequently troll Pinterest, which leads me to troll other blogs and websites, which leads me to brilliant ideas (at least I think they are brilliant). It’s a slow (hot) week in my household and I am not progressing much with my painting. But, I did discover some great new ideas and of course great ideas must be shared. Please check out these artsy geniuses and send them some kudos.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog-22In my feed today, these beautiful colorful designer knobs showed up. I was instantly drawn to them. I though they were hand painted and wanted to see if the blogger Ananda would share her secrets. She did! Along with the download to the designs to create your own. I can’t believe how easy it is to take dull ordinary knobs and turn them into stunning pieces. Check out her how to here:

Next my trolling took me to a Baking Soda Dough recipe…what!?!? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Having taught preschool in a former life, I thought I had seen most all things, but this left me giddy. I had to print it out for the babysitter. I would love to see what Mr. T will make with them. Check out how cute they are:

rope-nautical-wreathOver at Nest for Less, Erin made an adorable Nautical themed wreath. Currently, we are decorating our home to be more coastal. (we live in a desert area and it’s hot and not very beachy) This wreath is so adorable and easy. Plus, she has printable, how-to’s, tips and tricks and so much more. See the wreath here:

And then I stumbled upon perhaps my most favorite. I am a huge fan of Tin Man Tailored Sweets BlogThe Wizard of Oz. I have books and figurines and little trinket boxes (not overboard- like my whole house is done up in it, but I do love it). So when I found this guy, I knew I wanted to see more. Tailored Sweets blog has an adorable post on a Wizard of Oz theme party. Lots of cute ideas. I wasn’t able to locate the owner of the blog, but she has fantastic ideas! As far as I can tell Dhalia Bridal is the blog owner. I hope she posts more soon!

As bloggers, artists, creators and pickers, it’s not always easy to be found. Part of the We’re Mad About mission is to spread the word. We do this by attending lots of flea markets and vintage venues. But, also through sharing here on our blog, and through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s important to give recognition to those that work hard to grow their passion into a sustainable lifestyle and business. When we attend these markets and hear people say “I know who you are!” or they come out of their booths to give us hugs and tell us how happy they are to see us, it makes this more than just something that my mom and I share, it makes us happy. We want to see others succeed. There are so many talented people out there. They may have a knack for finding great vintage items (teach me, please) or painting beautiful works of art, making custom cuffs or fragrant candles from recycled bottles. The one thing we all have in common is courage and a heart for what we do. (see what I did there?) If you have something to share, feel free to email us and send us pictures. Is there a market we are missing? Let us know.


Thanks for reading….Amy

Mantel mania

I am getting started on my next project today. My mantel has been sitting here unpainted for 2 years.. I hate to admit that.  I searched and searched for one, deciding the ones I found were too ornate or large for my house.  I finally found the perfect one at King Richards Antiques in Whittier. Paid all of $60.00 for it. Then I brought it home and stared at it.  Still staring at it…

Annie Sloan Old White is my paint of choice since I have done other pieces of furniture with it that are currently in my front room. Sanding is a foreign word to me. There will be none of that done in my home!  So look at the picture of the mantel before I start and next week we can look at the finished one. Thinking about mantels made me look up some. Of course they are much more elaborate than mine. I guess I am more of a plain jane, trying to simplify things. Of course, I don’t even have a fireplace so no need to consider that. I just like the look of a mantel under my big screen tv to display holiday items, candles, etc. It is right across from the front door so it’s the first thing you notice when you come in (unless you notice the dust bunnies first–quit looking!).

Going to all these different flea markets and boutiques  and antique stores I have seen hundreds of mantels. It seems like most older homes had fireplaces, not as much now, especially in Calif. You can find them rescued from old houses, handmade, re-purposed, it’s amazing.. And the detail put into some of the mantels, there is every style you can think of, the variety is endless. Anything from plain jane to marble, wood, brick, carved, the choices go on and on. Here’s a few I found.

So paint brush and rollers ready  set  go!! Since I gave myself the time limit of next weeks blog, I guess I better get started. Wish me luck!!


Thanks for reading…Bonnie