3 Social Media tips!!!

Hi it’s Bonnie,

Social Media is a tough one. Some people are just made for it. Me, I have to have my 14 year old granddaughter explain it to me!!! But, we have come up with a list of things you might want to consider:

1-Looking at the Instagram accounts we are interested to see what works and doesn’t. When you start an Instagram account you never believe you will get that many followers. I remember our first 100, we thought we were at the top. Now we have over 4300!!!! It’s been a year and a couple of months. That’s pretty good considering we don’t sell anything. So how did we do it? We tried to post pictures of pieces and people that we were and are still excited about. We follow back Instagram accounts in our wheelhouse. No follow for follow because they usually drop you shortly anyway. So usually, not real estate agents or gyms or social media growth sites. We keep checking the accounts we follow and like the posts so they know we are still interested. We repost posts that appeal to a wide range of people. We comment, not just for the sake of commenting, but because we know what a comment can do. Some of our early followers who commented-thank you, it helped keep us going. We respond to all that comment. We really try to space out our posts daily, usually 3 a day and one, for sure, around 7-8 at night. We think posting 10 in a row is irritating to see. We try not to post the same thing twice (although we have been guilty of that). We post every single day. We hunt out Instagrammers to follow. We make sure to follow stores and vendors. One of our first questions is “are you on instagram?” We love doing this and meeting you.

2-Facebook-Many many store owners use facebook. The problem we have with that is out-of-date postings. It is really easy to let time go by and posts get stale quickly. Make sure your store hours and days are correct. We have gotten caught in that trap, it’s pretty maddening when you get to a store and they are closed when facebook says different. Keep pictures current of your stock so customers have an idea of what kind of pieces they will find when they get to you.  Make sure users know how to contact you. State your policies clearly-do you do layaway or holds? Post your sales and classes on there also.

3-Web sites-Please please continue to contribute. I can name several sites off the top of my head that are stores out of business or now closed different days than stated. Make it easy to reach you. If you have a stagnant site customers wonder if you are still there or if you just don’t need business. Double and triple check for mis-spellings and grammer errors. Nothing looks worse or is more embarrassing but we have all done it. We cringe everytime we see an error!! Go back and fix anything wrong, don’t let it just sit. Mention your Instagram or Twitter on the website often. Each of us likes certain social media more, for us obviously Instagram, but let your customers know where else they can find you. Again post sales and classes you offer. Think of ways to spark interest. Remember, lots of people only see you on your social media. Make it sharp, informative, and up to date.

There you go, I’m sure we should have mentioned so much more, but that’s what comments at the bottom of this post are for! Help us, if you think of anything we forgot.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy