It isn’t JUNK!!!!

Hi, this is Bonnie, home from my trip to Utah. It's nice to go on vacation but nicest to come home. Honestly Utah is clean, clear, beautiful, no … [Continue reading]

Where are you???

A few thoughts... We're Mad About... all our vendor friends but sometimes we can't find you!! If you are a vendor you are running a business. … [Continue reading]

Outstanding Stores, do you know one??

We love all the stores we go to, but must admit there are certain ones that stick with us. It's not just their merchandise, it's also the way they … [Continue reading]

The Vintage Marketplace, Rainbow Calif.

We love The Vintage Marketplace. @thevintagemarketplaceca. There is no question, no doubt, we just flat out l0ve it. We have met so many vendors … [Continue reading]

Signs Signs and more Signs

Hi, it's Bonnie, We had such a good response to our tips blog, thanks guys. We thought maybe a few more ideas and signs would be nice.  One of the … [Continue reading]

We’re Mad About: our visit to Needful Things Addiction and why you will want to go too!!!!!

We had heard there was a new store going in and so we made some time last week to get over there. It is called "Needful Things Addiction" at 115 W. … [Continue reading]

Increasing YOUR sales and visibility

Hi, this is Bonnie. We started our Instagram a little over a year ago. We now have over 3800 followers. It's our little business and we try to be … [Continue reading]

Remnants of the Past and other stuff!!

All last week on our Instagram we have been posting pictures of our trip to Three Speckled Hens. What a great show. We wish we didn't have to wait for … [Continue reading]

Road Trip!!!!!

We did it! We finally got on the road and went up north to Paso Robles for Three Speckled Hens. Everyone told us it was one of the best---and guess … [Continue reading]

April Activities

Hi, it's Bonnie     Happy May! Does anyone else remember May poles? What a simple time that was. Our school would dance around … [Continue reading]