Peltzer Family Farms

This past Sunday, the family and I took a day trip out to the pumpkin patch. It’s a yearly tradition for us to go to the pumpkin patch and make a day of it. Peltzer is one of our favorite places to go in the Fall.

Peltzer Vintage Truck

Peltzer Vintage Truck

The farm has grown over the years and this past year went through a major transformation. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found during this visit. Peltzer has grown to include a petting zoo, gardens, a train ride, panning for gems, food trucks, a wedding venue and wine tasting room. Plenty to do for kids and parents, plus wine at the end! Did I mention the vintage trucks, tractors and rustic decor? Oh yeah, and pumpkins…of course!

Vintage Bed of Pumpkins

Vintage Bed of Pumpkins

We arrived about mid-day on a slightly warm but gorgeous Southern California Wine Country day. After just coming out of a Plaster Paint workshop, I was eager to get my hands on the perfect pumpkins for my next projects. A few years ago, I painted my first pumpkins and really loved the way they turned out, so naturally I wanted to do it again. I love decorating for the holiday and Pinterest, so of course I always need to out do myself.

We found several great pumpkins. Perfect shapes and size. As a family of amateur photographers (with me having a large learning curve) we took to spending about an hour staging and photographing pumpkins of all colors. As one friend asked me when I put a few up on Facebook, “are there really grey pumpkins”? The answer is, Yes there are.

We paid for our pumpkins, (they accept credit cards) put them in the truck and decided to explore the newest parts of the farm. In years past they had a corn maze, this year they had pig races and a food truck, which came in handy because the youngest in the house is a growing pre-teen boy (they eat-a lot). While the boys awaited for food, I checked out the wedding venue.

The Peltzer wedding venue is set in a rustic garden atmosphere. The entrance is a wooden canopy covered in vines

Peltzer Wedding venue

Peltzer Wedding venue

with a garden in a trough, lined by wine watering bottles. Ingenious, right? Just inside the entrance is a small reception area with a guest book table, as you turn to enter the ‘chapel’ you are pleasantly surprised by a 1939 GM vintage truck. The bed of the truck is a wildflower garden. The chapel has wooden benches for seating and a year round garden growing on both sides. There are lights strung about, with a watering tower and vine covered canopy at the alter.

Next door to the chapel is the reception area with frames hung about, completely secluded from the rest of the farm, intimate and private. The reception area is available for birthday parties and the farm to table dinners the winery holds. The farm to table dinners feature guest chefs and sell out quickly.

After checking out the area and the vintage tractors, we headed up  to see the building at the top of the property. What a surprise! They have set up their future crush room so perfectly. Everything is reclaimed wood, vintage and clean. There is a collection of vintage truck front ends adoring one wall. My husband was taking pictures when Dennis ventured over.

Peltzer Tasting Room

Peltzer Tasting Room

Dennis has a great sense of humor, he jumped right into selfies with my husband and then proceeded to share with us about the winery, crush room, dinners, and the future plans for Peltzer’s. He spoke about how they had designed the room to be versatile and ready for quick set up of events and crush. Then he shared about the vintage tractor right in the middle of the crush room. It has been in the family since it was purchased new, around 1928 I believe.

Dennis introduced us to Anthony, who helped us sample wine and set us up with a new wine membership. I almost bought some delicate stemless wine glasses, but settled for a delectable Butterscotch Brownies candle by Wild Rose Farms. Delish!

It was a great day out with my family. so the next time you are in search of a day trip to find the perfect pumpkin, try Peltzer’s Family Farms 40275 Calle Contento, Temecula, CA.


Stay tuned for the next project….

Thanks for reading…Amy

T’wine Bottles

I have been wanting to make these ‘T’wine Bottles’ for quite awhile. I think we have all seen them pop up on Pinterest now and then. The motivating factor for me is when a couple of my best friends made a set into oil torches and used them for an outdoor party. They were amazing!  (Thanks for the photos STP!)

I had a few wine bottles that I had been saving (who are we kidding, I have lots of wine bottles. Empty and waiting to be emptied). So I selected a few that I thought had great color and character. I had a ball of twine I had purchased for my nautical table leg project- as yet to be completed, it is not working out like I had envisioned.

T'wine Bottle crafting

T’wine Bottle crafting

This project took me about an hour to complete. I had soaked the labels off the bottles ahead of time, so they were prepped are ready to go. Using the twine and Scotch liquid adhesive, a small paint brush and prepped surface, I got to work. I dipped my brush in a dollop of glue, this helped to keep the amount of glue wasted down. Dipping the brush into the glue, I swiped a ¼ inch wide length along the bottom of the bottle. Taking the twine, I chose a starting point and placed one end, holding it until it was sticky, then proceeded to brush glue in sections and wind the twine around the bottle until I had my desired look.

Twine Bottles

Twine Bottles

I think they came out much better than I had imagined. I can use them through all different seasons, just by changing out the coordinating decor. Currently, these great bottles reside on my dining room table. And because it is Fall, I am able to add some pumpkins and gorgeous Fall colors! I absolutely love how they turned out and I am so excited to bring the season into my home. Fall is my favorite season and living in Southern California, it’s a short season for us. (that’s ok- we can go to the beach in shorts in December). I hope you love this project as much as I did!


Next project: PUMPKINS!!!!!

Thanks for reading….Amy