It’s a Paint Pour!

4th Street Antiques

Hi, it’s Amy…

Last week I was able to spend time with Lynn from Sweet Peas Charm at her Paint Pour workshop. I was able to bring hubby along for a fun day. We have been wanting to try the paint pour and this was the perfect opportunity. Lynn has a booth at 4th Street Antiques in Old Town Temecula. If you are ever in the area, stop by and check out this great shop. It is located just off of Front street and has many wonderful vendors.

It’s always fun to learn new techniques and work with paint mediums. I am looking forward to doing more with this technique. I love the way these turned out! If you have a chance to join Lynn at her next workshop or even possibly book her for an event, you will not be disappointed!

You can use this technique on all types of furniture, canvas, whatever you can think of…



Wanna know the super secret ingredient? Gotta go to the next workshop…. see below for Lynn’s contact information and event dates.

Lynn at Sweet Peas Charm

IG: SweetPeasCharmPlasterPaintCA
(909) 553-5080


Fourth Street Antiques
41975 4th St.
Temecula, CA 92590
(951) 693-0277

April Activities

Hi, it’s Bonnie



Happy May! Does anyone else remember May poles? What a simple time that was. Our school would dance around the pole winding fabric lengths and make a bow at the bottom. God I’m old!!! But it was fun!!!

Speaking of  fun, in April we started off a great month,  with BarnHouse Chicks market in Thousand Oaks. Wow, the vendors were great! Even vendors we know were talking about the other ones, saying they had wonderful merchandise and arranged their booths expertly. Met some we didn’t know and are now following to see where we can find them next. Make sure you follow the ones you like, that’s why I add the @ instagram tag.

As you can tell we are trying to find more of these special events and shops so if you know of any we haven’t mentioned please put in a comment here or on our Instagram, we’re mad about, where we now have over 3500 followers!!!! Pretty good for not having a store or selling anything!  The saddest thing happened last week, we went to a store we love and found out they are closing. The rent is going way way up and they decided to try other avenues. I hate to see that happen and the only way we can keep all these places in business is to give them our business. We are trying to get to more events from Ventura to San Diego. We want to see more of you! We are planning a trip to Paso Robles on May 6th for Three Speckled Hens, already got our hotel and tickets!! We also want to go to Arizona soon and on the bucket list is Round Top Texas, of course!!!

Stores we stopped at in April include the ones in  Crestline’s TopTown,@ The_Rusty_Bucket_, My Favorite Things, @Encompass, and Sara’s Antiques and Atelier, it is gorgeous in the mountains and a lovely days trip! We only went up that far but next trip plan on hitting Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear too. It really clears your head to go up there. I used to live in the mountains and I really miss it. Nothing like fresh cool air. Did I say it’s beautiful up there?

We hit Savoir Faire in Fullerton, which is always the first Sunday of each month. It is growing rapidly and is one of the markets that has vendors who only sell there.  We always get to see @Rusticandrefined_Vintage and Love_picking_junk there as well as @Piers2oranges, three of our favorites. It’s a place to see unusual pieces from some vendors who have been doing this a long time. And of course, we always make sure we get to@ Drivingmizdaisy,  2nd Sunday of each month. We are using the @ for Instagram on purpose so you can look them up easily. If you go to no other fleamarkets or stores we would recommend Driving Miz Daisy for the one you can get too. It has a great selection of booths, it is very well divided between furniture, handmade, food booths or trucks, jewelry and clothing. Some markets have an abundance of jewelry or all the same booths, Not here! Food trucks all over. It also has a booth with fresh fruit, we got yummy strawberries last time, and they really try to arrange the booths so you have a variety of things to browse. Plus they always have music, sometimes 2-3 small bands, which is fun to stop and refresh and listen to. It’s at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, lots of trees and green around. Did we mention real restrooms? Add all this together and it will be your favorite monthly adventure. You never know what you will find! We go every month.

We try to get to stores in-between flea markets because we are so firm in our belief that we need to keep all of them in business. We don’t buy much, our houses are full, and it’s impossible with all the great pieces we see, but we believe that we are doing our part by writing about them, and putting them on Instagram and Facebook. Let us know events you are selling at or going to.

One of the pictures is of @ Newagain_furnishings in Glendora. It’s fairly new so get over there and support them, at 1200 E Route 66, Glendora, Calif. Open Thurs-Sat. I am in love with just about everything in the store. I think Joann has a great eye for home decor.


Thanks for reading…Bonnie



February Fun

Pier to Oranges Home Decor refinished this beautiful table and chairs we came across at Behind the Picket Fence. Just love the material and the distressed look of it.
Pier to Oranges Home Decor.   Instagram name is pier2oranges, check her out!

Upcycled Cottage

Hi, it’s Bonnie. I just looked at our calendar for Feb. and boy are we busy. I hope some of you can make it to these events, it’s going to be so much fun!

We spent last Saturday at Behind the Picket Fence. Love that venue, and not just for the apple pie, although…. We saw so many vendors we knew and that’s always a good time. They choose and mix their sellers so well, every booth is a new experience. Next one is May 6th, it’s at 1720 Adams Ave Costa Mesa. Free admission, it goes from 9-3 pm. Among the booths we found Upcycled Cottage, Itty Bitty Vintage Shop, Sweet Peas Charm, Lavendar Apothecary-had to get a candle- and so many more.

Feb 11th-We are heading out early to My French Farm. I love this barn full of french and french inspired pieces. It’s at 34004 Newport Avenue Mentone Calif. 9-3 pm. Be sure to get directions, it’s not a place you are going to stumble over, but worth the travel. Simply gorgeous, well arranged to show off, and a beautiful setting. Only open for the day on the 11th. But we can’t stay long because I booked us for a tea at Shabbyology in Covina at 1:00. We have never been and I thought their Galentine’s Tea would be a lot of fun. They are at 534 E. Edna Place, open Fri, Sat and Sun 10-5pm. I can’t wait to see their Valentines display. Jackie, the owner, is the best decorator around! Their phone is 626-890-6091 to check if they are full, but don’t worry, another tea will be coming soon!

That’s not all! On Feb 17th-18th we are headed to Del Mar for Junk Bonanza. Sooooo excited! Started by Ki Nassauer, Flea Market Style magazine. I remember her being one of the first to start upcycling and repurposing junk years ago. I stole so many of her ideas!  It’s going to be another long day, I want to see everything!!!

And then we are off to Junk in the Trunk Feb 25th and 26th at the Pomona Fairplex. Finally a big fleamarket near me! Lots of vendors there that we know and can say hi too. I know it’s going to be a huge success for all of them. We loved going last year to San Diego and were thrilled to find it close by. They have so many great vendors from Arizona, have to get our trip there planned! It’s fun to see how different areas start trends and how quickly they spread.

Of course, in between, we have Driving Miz Daisy on the 2nd Sunday of each month, Tustin Antique fleamarket, going to try to get to Long Beach flea market and to 4th Fridays at the Pike down there, as well as all the stores we love too. Busy as a bee, no time to get in trouble. Which reminds me- if you know of any stores we haven’t found please let us know. I love exploring and telling others about these places.

Hoping you can make it to some of these. I can hardly wait to get going, so much to see and do.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Plaster Painted Pumpkins!

Fall pumpkins

Fall pumpkins

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I adore the changing of the colors, crisp golden leaves, a little cool nip in the air. It’s refreshing and welcome after a hot summer. I love decorating and baking and Fall festivals. So it was second nature for me to paint my pumpkins, just one more tradition for the season.

I painted my pumpkins a couple of years ago and loved how they turned out. The idea probably came from Pinterest. (Isn’t this where all amazing ideas eventually end up?) I grabbed different colors of spray paint and ribbons and adornments and glitter and went to town.


This go around, I had just bought the beautiful Merlot plaster paint from Sweet Peas Charm (go read the blog Sweet

Merlot Plaster Paint

Merlot Plaster Paint

Peas Charm & Pumpkins, if you haven’t yet). I love this color so much, that I had to incorporate into my Fall decor. This is the same Merlot I used on my wooden pumpkin. I used 2 coats on the pumpkin and sprayed it with Jewel’s Magic Spray by the Plaster Paint Company. This helps to set the paint and creates a nice finish.

After the pumpkin dried, I chose a stencil that I felt was Fall-ish in design to put a finishing touch on. I used a cream colored art paint, as I didn’t have any plaster paint in a soft cream. I used 2 different designs and then dabbed a few ‘sparkles’ around to give it a finishing touch. One more coat of Jewel’s Magic spray.

Stenciled Pumpkin

Stenciled Pumpkin

And now I have a colorful festive pumpkin for my kitchen island!

Please comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading…


Sweet Peas Charm & Pumpkins

This past weekend mom and I went to Old Town Temecula to attend a workshop held by Sweet Peas Charm. Lynn is the sweetest lady and so creative. I first met her at the Temecula fair earlier this year. Her display booth held plaster paint by The Plaster Paint Company. There were several colorful furniture pieces. Lynn specializes in bringing life back to furniture. Her gallery at is filled the pieces she has created. From a clock table (ingenious) to side tables and chairs. She is inspirational!

Sweet Peas Charm

Sweet Peas Charm

There are 2 locations to find her creations and Plaster Paint. Fourth St. Antiques in Old Town Temecula (a great place to spend a day) and The Merchant’s Mercantile in Anaheim. She can also be found at some of the Southern California Vintage markets. Check her site for dates and details.

Mom and I signed up to take a plaster paint workshop and create a few unique pumpkin decorations. It was a small workshop, just perfect for getting to know everybody. Her sweet daughter in law Valerie was there, along with my mom and two of the nicest girls we’ve met.

Lynn had the table set up with wooden pumpkins, a selection of Plaster Paint colors and adorable stencils and embellishments. There are about 48 colors to choose from, including some Metallics. Although we love Chalk Paint, this is more affordable and easy to work with (see colors in gallery below).  I chose the Merlot color (hello!! Remember the T’wine bottles) and mom choose Sweet Cream. The paint has great coverage and it didn’t take long for it to dry. I have to say the Merlot was

Merlot & Sweet Cream Pumpkin

Merlot & Sweet Cream Pumpkin


After about 10 minutes of drying and chatting, we moved onto the stencils. I choose a pattern, while mom choose a sweet flower design. We laid the stencil over the first layer of paint and lightly dapped the stencil color over it. It doesn’t take a lot of paint to get the look you want. Valarie choose the Toasted Marshmellow and painted arrows and Family on hers (adorable), the other girls did a Black and “Spooky” and a Chevron pattern. All the pumpkins came out so unique

Sweet Cream & Coraline Pumpkin

Sweet Cream & Coraline Pumpkin

and cute!

Of course, I had to buy some paint, Merlot, Native Stone and the Jewel’s Magic Seal (a great sealer). Stay tuned for my project using The Plaster Paint….


Thanks for reading…