Riverside Wanderings

The Weathered FeatherI spent some time in Riverside this past week as those who follow our Instagram know. I used to work out there, at the Auto Club, many years ago so I knew the town a little. Some things have not changed, the Mission Inn, where my grandparents were married, is of course, still beautiful, awe-inspiring, but what I found were some stores that have opened within the last few years. And oh, they are good ones.
First would have to be Vintique Alley. We have followed Bobbi’s Instagram for awhile. I literally ache for a farm table she has. The entire store is done so well, I would rate it one of the best I’ve seen, as far as how it is decorated. Made. The vendors they have are all inspired, and their creations are placed all over the shop, which makes such an interesting mix. Not a wasted space to be found. And the back, outside, is a place to wander. Not so much when I went, over 108 degrees, but now the weather is cooling (ha,ha) to just under 100 it is better. Tons of stuff waiting to be discovered. I want to live in this store.
There’s a couple more though to explore. Went over to The Weathered Feather. Love the name, and the store is better. They hold such interesting classes, and carry home décor items, jewelry, and supplies to make some of your own inventions. We got a nice welcome from the owner, Lisa, even though she was getting set up for a class. She showed us the shop and explained each section. Thanks again.  Vintique Alley
From there we headed to Made. Talk about unique. We loved the wide range of reused upcycled found items. Each one is unique, well-done and not the same old thing. They have some repurposed items made into fountains I love. Water is so soothing, especially with the current weather. When you enter the shop and hear it you get a zen like feeling. But that’s the least of the amazing stuff there, there are wine racks and benches and lights and tables, each made with such care and love. Saving the planet piece by piece.
Riverside has a market night every Friday 6-9. It is on Sunnyside Dr. in Magnolia Center, packed with food and craft vendors and a farmers’ market, it sure sounds good to me. We are going to try to make it out there.
Made.More later on some of the other stores in Riverside and nearby we visited, but overall what a great day. Nothing better than discovering new places to go and these three were among the best ever. Thanks to all of them for being so gracious and letting us take pictures.
Thanks for reading…Bonnie.  Made.

We’re back with stories to tell

Soooo…we changed our blog plan and doing so screwed everything up. Has this happened to any of you? It’s still not the way we want, but you have to shake it off and just restart at some point. Sorry for the break.
Weekend plans for me include Savoir Faire on Sunday. It is at Cal State Fullerton in their parking lot, free entry and parking. It has become a favorite of mine because of the vendors. Most of them have been doing the flea market thing for a long time, they know their facts and they have actual antiques. It is growing each month and is absolutely worth going.
This past Sunday, Amy and I were able to get out for a few hours and went to Fountain Valley Vintage flea market which I just found out was also Trading Post 1908. Another hot day, but we found some vendors we knew and got to know some more. (And… I got another candle from Bougie Bottles.)
imagePlease go to our Instagram to check out more pictures of some of the booths. We were thrilled to meet Marah Johnson, she made us a spoon that says We’re Mad About. So very cool.

Don’t you hate it when you want to buy everything a vendor has? And, of course, you can’t. Not until I win the lottery at least.
Instagram has made us feel like we know all the vendors on there. It is wonderful to actually meet them and see their amazing pieces for sale. We have made alot of new friends and love getting to see them at different venues. The flag was made by Elegant Signs, we were happy to meet Wendi and David.

After Fountain Valley we went to Old Town Tustin Vintage Market where we got a chance to see Maria, whom we featured before. This lady never stops creating. She is at Tustin and Long Beach every month. Every single time I see her she is working on something new. Her vintage aprons are to die for. Be U Accessories is her booth, be sure to look her up. Then we went to lunch, thank you, air conditioning, and made our way to Orange on the way back. Country Roads-again! Such a variety of antiques and handmade items, it’s never boring or usual. And over to The Potting Shed by Carlisle. Love Love Love their stuff. The flag in the shape of Calif. is from them.  Both of these shops are on Chapman close to the circle. I think they are some of the best in Orange. That about did us in, so Amy dropped me at my car and we both went home, tired and happy. It’s always a good day when we can have an adventure together.


Happy 4th of July to all.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Somethingborrowed somethingvintage

imageFound another great shop!!  New to me only because I don’t get to that part of Yorba Linda often. This one I wish I had discovered before because, I love love love all their inventory. Unique furniture is only the start. The armoire is to die for. Beautifully done and with a matching bed-see picture on our Instagram. They give classes with Annie Sloan chalk paint-one is a chair transformation and one a sign workshop. I will be taking one for sure.

imageI came upon the shop when we were down at The Inspired Market which was in the same parking lot. Their address is 18206 Imperial Hwy, Yorba Linda. Phone is 714-366-7117. This is the first time I have been to the market.  I will be at the next ones, both here and Rancho Cucamonga, because I loved the vendors. Talk about nice and friendly. You know how when you go to flea markets and swap meets and specialty boutiques often, you get to know the ones who are glad you stopped by. They say hello when you approach, they give you details about their inventory, they aren’t upset if you don’t buy from them everytime-those are the vendors I remember and will buy from the next time. Sometimes you have to think about what you need or want and let it sink in and then you make your purchase. Case in point-Bougie Bottles. Love her cute sign, love candles, love her display but I saw her booth 4-5 times before I bought a candle. (Hits self on forehead!) I have been burning it for 2 days straight, I love it so much. Hint-mine is very vanilla!  Anyway great vendors, very informative about how they create.

Back to somethingborrowed somethingvintage. I talked it up so much I convinced Amy to take a class with me. She lives in the Temecula area, now which is a little bit of a haul. They also have a material shop in there with the most amazing fabrics. It’s as if they read my mind on what I like. They have classes too. Here is a picture of an apron and the wall of materials.  image

It is so satisfying to see shops like these. For awhile with the bad economy they were disappearing and it was so sad for all the owners and vendors. We go all around So. Calif. seeking these entrepreneurs. If you know of other shops we haven’t covered on our blog or our Instagram please use the comment section to let us know. We love small business, would like to have one someday and want to do our bit to let you guys know about these talented hard workers.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Girls can play with hammers too….

Guess who tore apart her first pallet tonight? This girl! It’s seriously hard work. I broke a few boards. But, I can still use them for other projects. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be at a point where the house is put together enough to do projects.

The right tools make a HUGE difference in time and sweat. But, I feel pretty good about the work I did. I found a pallet breaker online for about $80, haven’t been able to find it in a store yet. So for tonight, I used a crowbar, rubber mallet, hammer, and gloves. It’s important to practice safety. If you don’t have the right tools, borrow them. Like I did. From the husbands workbench.

Back to my excitement. Let me be honest, it was not an easy task. There is a lot of hammering involved. The thin end of the crowbar must go under the board and be tapped in far enough to lift the nail. The nails are twisted, so they really grab the wood. This makes it difficult to lift and is also what keeps the pallets strong.

Even though a few boards broke, but I was able to get enough good boards for my project. (Stay tuned to next weeks blog, it’s a surprise and an original) They are fairly straight and in good shape. My next steps will be to sand and stain them. I am considering the steel wool and vinegar stain, which I will start tonight. Being that most pallets are made from pine, it may not darker up much. If that’s true with this pallet wood, I may go over it with another stain, until I get my desired result.  image







I ended up with some great nails that I will reuse for my project. This is a tribute to my grandmother. When she married my grandfather, they built their first house from wood they reclaimed from an old ranger station in Big Bear. They took it down board by board, she straighten all the nails and they brought it back to the Rosemead area. This was in the era just after World War 2, when there was very little available in terms of wood and steel. Very special story to me. She has always been an inspiration. And feisty. I inherited that. image

Besides the nails and boards, I ended up with a nice little pile of kindling to start the campfire on my next camping trip. Scheduled for Never. I don’t camp.

Thanks for reading…Amy

Pallet Projects



We were at Driving Miz  Daisy last week and started noticing all the items made with pallets. It is amazing!!! We have a board on our Pinterest page so we can pin and go back and drool over some of these wonderful ways to reuse, basically, old boards. Go look at it, you’ll be surprised at all the different projects. It’s very rewarding when you think that before this movement got going, alot of these pallets were just rotting away somewhere. Granted millions of them get reused for storage but they all come to the end of their life at some point. Oh, but now that’s not true. That’s where we all come in-making new furniture, being green and helping save our planet, moving commerce along by buying these items  and, not the least, making a living for some of you. Not us—yet!!



So we picked out a few of the projects that we thought were a little different. We’ve all seen the tables and the wine racks and the flags, not that they aren’t fantastic, but these ideas are expanding past the first ideas that came on the scene.



designspiration for Bow Arts show

On our Instagram page-yes we are everywhere-we have made contact with some inspired entrepreneurs who use pallets. Wow!  We only wish hope and pray we get as good as them. It is really an honor to see the workmanship. We will be highlighting some of the people we have met through Instagram in later blogs. What a great community it is. We have come across people that, honestly, we never would have come in contact with before Instagram. We get a chance to see the talent from all over the world. It expands past where we can physically go. And the ideas are sooooo good.

We think the swing is so clever. We only need a big tree branch and it would be in both our yards. How relaxing and fun to go back a few years ( a few???) and remember long summer days outside. And the sign!! How great is it, highlighting exactly what you want customers to “get” at your venue, so smart. We are definitely taking notice. Congrats to all of you.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy



Treasures n Junk


Treasures n Junk



I had forgotten about this store for awhile and I’m glad I dropped in there today so I could tell you guys about it. It’s at 215 S. San Antonio in Ontario Ca. Phone is 909 983-3300. It is a consignment store filled with many booths and a great outdoor area. That’s where I saw those huge blue letters. So cool.

Then I wandered around inside and found this bed redone with Paint and Paddles-according to the sign. Love it, someone did a great job. The booths are all individual, there is quite a collection of painted furniture, lots of original metal signs and odds and ends. Some of the booths were similar to the one shown space 30, done so cute in all pink stuff. Some had more vintage items than others, some had old machinery and gas station pumps. There is so much stuff men would like, that helps to  make it a trip for the whole family. Old books, game boards,toys,car club signs and license plates abound.

Be sure to go outside to the patio-like area with fake store fronts like a sheriff and a pony express office. Lots of old patio furniture waiting to be saved, maybe repainted and new cushions. I saw a collection of fire hydrants, an old bird bath, several metal chairs, bikes, pumps, stained glass-you name it they have it. Fun place to spend a couple of hours, dreaming about all the old stuff, and a great place to finish off your collection of ???

Thanks for reading…Bonnie










Ever since I discovered creating with salvaged parts, I see inspiration everywhere. Seeing piles of pallets excites me. I’ve always saved lengths of ribbon from packages and reused it. Lined my drawers with the beautiful gift wrap from my aunts and grandmother.Being green is reusing, repurposing and I think it’s the nostalgia that draws me to it.

Now that upcycled items and pallets are part of amazing project ideas,and I see them weekly at all the swap meet and flea markets we go to, I am drawn in even more. Our new home has beautiful hardwood floors and we have concept ideas for the changes we want to make. One of those changes is to build barn doors for an office and bathroom. Of course I want to use pallets and so have been researching styles and wood cuts and stains. We recently visited the one of the antique malls in Old Town Temecula, and were inspired by a section of old tools. Our thought is to use one of the tools as a door handle for my husbands new office.

Last week I picked up a set of chairs from the curb. A first for me. But, they have gorgeous legs and backs. I’ve been searching for a replacement leg for one of the chairs without luck, so I think I will repurpose them. I plan to build a coffee table with 4 of the legs and an old window. I will build a bench with the backs of the chairs. See, inspiration!  The pictures below are giving me more ideas. I just have to learn more about wood working! Now where is my husband/teacher????

Thanks for reading….Amy



The Christmas tradition in my family is to give a gift to all adults that cost under $10. This keeps the spending down and forces us to get creative. One year I decided to make a SPECTACULAR  gift for everyone. I had seen something similar and loved the idea. Initial boards.

Fortunately for me, I have a husband you enjoys projects as much as I do. This was a great one for us to spend time together creating. I went down to the local Lowe’s and purchased 1″ thick planks of wood, approx. 3′ long. I had these cut to the size I had determined I wanted them, about 15″, with a small piece left over.

I recruited my husband to help with this project. We began by prepping the boards, we used a light-grain sandpaper and sanded all sides, including the edges. The goal was to have a nice smooth feel, taking off any protective finish the manufacturers might have used. We then proceeded to stain the boards, using Minwax Classic Gray stain.  There was a little experimentation with the staining. We tried brushing it on, but it came out thick and left drip marks. The technique that worked best, was to use an old rag. Dip and swipe. The wood absorbed the color perfectly. We wanted a weathered gray look, as though it had been beaten by the ocean wind.

Next we took a piece of burlap and cut it to size. Sadly, this is not as simply as it seems. There is a trick to it. From there we stretched the burlap and fastened it to a portable station. You need it taut in order to achieve a straight letter. After much tweaking to the placement of the stencil, we used Design Master flat black spray paint to transfer the letter onto the burlap.

Now that everything is perfectly primed, placed, and painted- you wait. For it all to dry. In the winter months, this takes some time. We then positioned the burlap on the board and used Loctite spray adhesive to apply. For finishing touches, we created decorative borders around the burlap. This is where my hubby gets to use his table saw. Sadly, the one he had for years, would not work. Poor guy (not really) had to buy a new one. I don’t mind him buying his “toys”, because I give him excuses to use them. See how that works? He gets new toys, I get someone to do the dirty work. (Wink wink)

The initial boards were a huge hit! Score one for Amy.

I would love to hear your thoughts about these boards!

Thanks for reading… Amy

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