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Paula Marie’s Vintage Finds

All last week on our Instagram we have been posting pictures of our trip to Three Speckled Hens. What a great show. We wish we didn’t have to wait for Oct to go again. That’s probably the best thing you can say about a show. It was a wonderful time. Be sure and look at our pictures.

Last weekend we went to Remnants of the Past, which was in Southern Calif. for the first time and our first time going. It was held at the Orange County Fairgrounds by Centennial Barn. It’s a good location. It will be here in Oct again and we will post a couple of days ahead to remind everyone. Lots of vendors there that we knew, several we had just seen at Three Speckled Hens. Always nice to see people you know and chat a little. We want to welcome Remnants of the Past to  So. Calif. and we are glad to have a chance to see them grow here. One of the vendors was telling us a story about the song “Happy” by Pharrell and a group dance, sure wish we had video!!!!

There were several vendors we had never met, and hope to see again. Be sure and check our Instagram-weremadabout-to see more pictures. We have lots more shows on our calendar for the future, the next big one being Julian Junkture and The Barn Vintage Marketplace..  It is May 27-28 9-4pm. It’s free which is good since it’s going to be a tank of gas for us from where we live, and two hour drive.  Anyway, we haven’t been to Julian in years so it’s exciting. A beautiful area.

Shabby Chateau

In the next two-three weeks we hope to get out to Riverside for Vintique Alley and Vintage Flair and Mrs. Darlings and Made. Those are our favorites there. Then to Yucaipa for The Nest and also to Long Beach for several of the stores there, Casa de Luxe, Romantic Home, Vintage Emporium for sure. And Covina for Shabbyology and and and…June 2 and 3rd is put aside for Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, Ca.  Not missing that one!! Mark your calendars, you won’t want to miss any of the fun.

Today we went to Fullerton to see Made New Home Furnishings at 115 S Harbor, Fullerton. We were thrilled at what DeeDee has done with this space. That store is in such a great area, with all the restaurants. There’s a crepes place going in across from her soon and lots going on with the Mercantile Market which is the first Sat of each month in her parking lot. Next one is June 3rd. Quite a collection of makers as they try to keep it varied and new. 10-4 pm, free. The store is open Tues-Sat so go on by and say hi. Also right down the street is The Brick Basement 113 N Harbor,and The Found Shop, 122 N Harbor,  if you want to make a day of it. That’s our favorite activity-figuring out how to put together a day of visiting all these stores. One a day doesn’t cut it anymore, we want to hit 2 or 3. Addiction is one word often used about us!!

Again, please let us know of events close to us. We do want to visit as many as possible and share them with you. All the vendors we know are so hard working, they deserve to get as much attention as possible. Several of them spent two days at Remnants and then we saw them Sunday at Driving Miz Daisy. There were a few we also saw at Three Speckled Hens too!  We are in awe! It is hard work to haul furniture around and hope you are going to sell it.  So help us out by leaving a comment here or on Instagram to tell us about shows and stores, we’ll try our best to get there and tell others.

Made New

Thanks for reading, Bonnie and Amy…

New shop reviews-Lake Elsinore, Murrieta

Wildoberry Farms

Hi, this is Bonnie,
Trying to get ahead of the rain this week, we headed out to Lake Elsinore and then Murrieta. Amy lives out that way but, I hadn’t had a chance to get to all these stores. I know we missed some, like Urban Decor in Elsinore (that I love) but, I promise we’ll be back. Too many good places to stay away.
Our first stop was Vintique at 18261 Collier Avenue, Lake Elsinore. We wanted to meet our prize winner, Colleen. She won the Lovepop card we gave away when we hit 2500 on Instagram. Click on their ad on the right side of the blog. They have the cutest cards. Colleen had invited us to drop in on Tuesdays when she works, so we took a chance, and sure enough, she was there. Vintique is full of booths with lots of vintage. There was refinished furniture, frames, gift items, dishes, pyrex, material, benches, and more. I try not to buy anything since my house is full but I did pick up a darling plate to make a cake-stand. Everyone was pleasant and friendly and helpful. One of the things I liked was that they have a Vintage flea market on the 2nd Sunday of each month in their parking lot. $20 a space if anyone is interested in selling. 8-1:30. LLC. Lots in the store to keep you busy browsing and enough vendors to showcase their different stock.

Next stop Cottage Charm in Murrieta. Bigger than it looks since there is a garden area and a second building, and several rooms in the front building. We fell in love with the refinished furniture in the back building. There were a couple of rooms set up and some very nice pieces. I put one, the white armoire on Instagram. The yard between building had quite a bit of iron or wood garden furniture, nicely set out. It is located at 41529 Ivy and the phone is 951-600-9876. Open Mon-Saturday. It is nice to see what different vendors and artists are doing, and this store has a variety of vintage aprons, glassware, antiques and furniture.

Rooster Creek

From there we made our way to Rooster Creek. We wanted to see Wildoberry Farms’ booth since we had met Debbie at Behind the Picket Fence last year. She makes kits for framed pictures, has patterns for needlework, and makes primitive rag dolls. They are perfect for a display. She has been doing this as a business since 2010 and for herself before that. You can thank her for advising us to put addresses when we talk about stores, we were guilty of assuming everyone knows everything we do. Saved me a lot of answering questions, so thanks to her. It’s nice to see a business flourish because of talent. We met the owner of Rooster Creek,Vivian, and it is always nice to put a face with a business. And what a business. This place is absolutely darling! Not a thing dusty or out of place, I could live there. They have it set up with a good mix of furniture, recycled pieces and accessories. The landmark is a huge red sign so you can’t miss them at 42030 C St,. and it states that they carry primitives, antiques and vintage. On their Facebook I saw romantic prairie also. The way they arrange the shop it is easy to see how all those styles can work together. If you use primitive decor you know it’s not easy to find. They even have penny candy jars-not a penny anymore but we all remember the candy!

What a gorgeous day it was. We ate lunch outdoors and really relaxed. Nothing better than getting to see stores you have heard about before. All of these had really nice people working there which is important to me. Not going back if they are disinterested in customers, but everyone we met wanted to talk about their booth or store and we love when they are enjoy doing that. We’re crazy about vintage and up-cycled and re-purposed  and can’t get enough of seeing and hearing about vendors and stores. So much talent!! Join us again, we are constantly on the road.

Thanks for reading, Bonnie…

February Fun

Pier to Oranges Home Decor refinished this beautiful table and chairs we came across at Behind the Picket Fence. Just love the material and the distressed look of it.
Pier to Oranges Home Decor.   Instagram name is pier2oranges, check her out!

Upcycled Cottage

Hi, it’s Bonnie. I just looked at our calendar for Feb. and boy are we busy. I hope some of you can make it to these events, it’s going to be so much fun!

We spent last Saturday at Behind the Picket Fence. Love that venue, and not just for the apple pie, although…. We saw so many vendors we knew and that’s always a good time. They choose and mix their sellers so well, every booth is a new experience. Next one is May 6th, it’s at 1720 Adams Ave Costa Mesa. Free admission, it goes from 9-3 pm. Among the booths we found Upcycled Cottage, Itty Bitty Vintage Shop, Sweet Peas Charm, Lavendar Apothecary-had to get a candle- and so many more.

Feb 11th-We are heading out early to My French Farm. I love this barn full of french and french inspired pieces. It’s at 34004 Newport Avenue Mentone Calif. 9-3 pm. Be sure to get directions, it’s not a place you are going to stumble over, but worth the travel. Simply gorgeous, well arranged to show off, and a beautiful setting. Only open for the day on the 11th. But we can’t stay long because I booked us for a tea at Shabbyology in Covina at 1:00. We have never been and I thought their Galentine’s Tea would be a lot of fun. They are at 534 E. Edna Place, open Fri, Sat and Sun 10-5pm. I can’t wait to see their Valentines display. Jackie, the owner, is the best decorator around! Their phone is 626-890-6091 to check if they are full, but don’t worry, another tea will be coming soon!

That’s not all! On Feb 17th-18th we are headed to Del Mar for Junk Bonanza. Sooooo excited! Started by Ki Nassauer, Flea Market Style magazine. I remember her being one of the first to start upcycling and repurposing junk years ago. I stole so many of her ideas!  It’s going to be another long day, I want to see everything!!!

And then we are off to Junk in the Trunk Feb 25th and 26th at the Pomona Fairplex. Finally a big fleamarket near me! Lots of vendors there that we know and can say hi too. I know it’s going to be a huge success for all of them. We loved going last year to San Diego and were thrilled to find it close by. They have so many great vendors from Arizona, have to get our trip there planned! It’s fun to see how different areas start trends and how quickly they spread.

Of course, in between, we have Driving Miz Daisy on the 2nd Sunday of each month, Tustin Antique fleamarket, going to try to get to Long Beach flea market and to 4th Fridays at the Pike down there, as well as all the stores we love too. Busy as a bee, no time to get in trouble. Which reminds me- if you know of any stores we haven’t found please let us know. I love exploring and telling others about these places.

Hoping you can make it to some of these. I can hardly wait to get going, so much to see and do.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Arizona Longings

Rustic Rummage

Rustic Rummage

Rustic Rummage

Rustic Rummage

At Inspired Market last week I was lucky enough to meet Chris and Sara from Rustic Rummage. I say lucky because we love meeting talented vendors (and Amy wasn’t there) so I was the one. They are from Arizona, as so many of the vendors we met at Junk in the Trunk were. Wow, I almost wish I lived there, except for the heat that I am having enough trouble with here. Arizona has been exploding with great dealers lately, I am so jealous.
Chris makes these treasures for their company and works a full-time job, and they have 3 kids. Wow. Two people together makes everything easier, as Amy and I have found out. Chris and Sara seem to be a great team. The business card for Rustic Rummage says reclaimed, restored, renewed. We love that. They use reclaimed wood for their projects. Chris said pallet wood is too hard to work with and we agree. Our little pallet projects are taking more time than they should-more about them later.

I saw wood boxes, wood signs, wood drink stations, and the wood letters shown in pictures. I love the Vino one—I think it fits me! All their pieces are beautifully finished, no rough edges to be seen, and their prices were reasonable, even coming from Az.

Rustic Rummage

Rustic Rummage

Rustic Rummage

Rustic Rummage

They often do shows in Calif. so check their web site, for the next antique market nearby.You can send them a message there too. I love their workmanship and how about that sign/old door? Clever, huh? That sets you up for the kind of imagination and talent they have.
Hope to run into them again soon, I didn’t get nearly enough pictures to show you guys everything, but it’s a start. Nice meeting them both.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Eventful August

Vindustrial- Driving Miz DaisyAmy and I were talking on the phone last night, as we do almost every night. It has always been great to have a good relationship with her and now to be producing the blog and Instagram together is even better. In fact we have met several other mother-daughter teams-one is Far Away Hood. They have a business making signs with metal letters and reclaimed wood that is going full steam ahead, giving them time together and a shared interest.

Vintique Alley- RiversideIt’s inspiring. Anyway, Amy and I were talking about August and all the flea markets and shows coming up so I thought I would give you guys an insight into our coming month. We try to plan it out so one of us at least hits the venues and stores we love so we can feed you pictures of the great booths out there. We are amazed at how talented these vendors are. We are constantly amazed at the quality. Hope to see you at some of these.

Double-check dates & places.

August 2016 Event Calendar

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Pallet gardens…

I’ve had a few pallets laying around my yard for weeks. Just waiting for the perfect project and the coveted pallet breaker. I finally ordered the pallet breaker and completed a project. Yay Me!

First, the pallet breaker. I love love love this thing. There are many to be found online and at different price points. I went for its and spent a little bit more than I had budgeted. Best decision. This is a strong well built tool. I brought it through Amazon and my husband put a strong hickory handle on it. It took me less than 5 minutes to break this pallet apart, with very little breakage of the boards. YAY! The boards from that pallet are destined for a coffee table.

Now onto the garden. Our new house needs some yard changes. For instance, the previous owner put all concrete and a big strip of rock, The concrete is great for entertaining and basketball. The rock… does not work for us at all. So I have no real garden space right now. Gardens are a part of my life. I wish I’d had more time to plant some container tomatoes. But, I will be happy with my little pallet garden.

I chose to put the herbs I use most in and some strawberries. YUM! The pallet garden was a pretty quick project, once we figured out the best way to fold and adhere thee fabric. I used Sta-Green landscape fabric that would allow room for the root systems to grow and water to drain as needed. We adhered the fabric to the wood using a staple gun. It worked perfectly, except I have a strong trigger finger and there might have been 3-5 staples for every one that my husband did. I call this making sure it’s strong. (That works, right?)

Next I used a good quality soil mix from Lowe’s, Sta-Green. This soil has the right nutrients to help the plants transition and get off to a good start. I filled the troughs with soil and the spaced the plants.Next, I dug the holes for each plant and trenaplanted. Some water and a little pep talk and WA-LA! The herbs and berries now have a new home.

The last thing to do was create a space to label the plants. I used chalkboard paint to create the area. Intitaaly, I thought that I would paint neat spaces and do some fancy writing. But, it’s a wonderful rustic piece, so I went with an artistic swipe of paint and then let the kiddo write the names in colored chalk and I have my pallet garden!!

I am so happy with the way it turned out. It’s exactly what I want.

I’m Mad About it….

Thanks for reading…Amy

We’re back with stories to tell

Soooo…we changed our blog plan and doing so screwed everything up. Has this happened to any of you? It’s still not the way we want, but you have to shake it off and just restart at some point. Sorry for the break.
Weekend plans for me include Savoir Faire on Sunday. It is at Cal State Fullerton in their parking lot, free entry and parking. It has become a favorite of mine because of the vendors. Most of them have been doing the flea market thing for a long time, they know their facts and they have actual antiques. It is growing each month and is absolutely worth going.
This past Sunday, Amy and I were able to get out for a few hours and went to Fountain Valley Vintage flea market which I just found out was also Trading Post 1908. Another hot day, but we found some vendors we knew and got to know some more. (And… I got another candle from Bougie Bottles.)
imagePlease go to our Instagram to check out more pictures of some of the booths. We were thrilled to meet Marah Johnson, she made us a spoon that says We’re Mad About. So very cool.

Don’t you hate it when you want to buy everything a vendor has? And, of course, you can’t. Not until I win the lottery at least.
Instagram has made us feel like we know all the vendors on there. It is wonderful to actually meet them and see their amazing pieces for sale. We have made alot of new friends and love getting to see them at different venues. The flag was made by Elegant Signs, we were happy to meet Wendi and David.

After Fountain Valley we went to Old Town Tustin Vintage Market where we got a chance to see Maria, whom we featured before. This lady never stops creating. She is at Tustin and Long Beach every month. Every single time I see her she is working on something new. Her vintage aprons are to die for. Be U Accessories is her booth, be sure to look her up. Then we went to lunch, thank you, air conditioning, and made our way to Orange on the way back. Country Roads-again! Such a variety of antiques and handmade items, it’s never boring or usual. And over to The Potting Shed by Carlisle. Love Love Love their stuff. The flag in the shape of Calif. is from them.  Both of these shops are on Chapman close to the circle. I think they are some of the best in Orange. That about did us in, so Amy dropped me at my car and we both went home, tired and happy. It’s always a good day when we can have an adventure together.


Happy 4th of July to all.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Hobbies galore…

How many hobbies do you have? Are we limited to one? Must we choose which creative appetite to feed? Personally, I have several now, and a few I abandoned. Once upon a time I was creating jewelry. Finding beads wherever I could, tearing apart other pieces to make new ones. Before that, I would hollow out eggs and paint them and add ribbons and jewels. I’m sure many of the never made it to Christmas morning, due to shipping. Candles. Soaps. Sewing. Designing. Interior decorating. As far back as I can remember, I have had the need to feed the creative juices.

About 10 years ago, I picked up knitting. A friend of mine was kind enough to sit with me for hours and hours and teach me. Knit. Purl. Double knit. Pass over stitch knit. My first big project was a sweater. It was my first actual project. Purple. I still love that I went after such a complex project. I made bunny blankets for my nephews. Baby booties for friends and co-workers. Drawstring bags for my nieces. Plus, lots of animals and scarves. I still love knitting, although I don’t get enough of a chance to it recently.

My current loves are upcycling, recycling, creating new pieces from old furniture and pallets. But, I also love my Sizzix machine and creating with it. A dear friend of mine from high school has me creating some custom invitations for a surprise party. The die we chose is intricate and delicate. It takes a fine touch to cut each out and poke out the little bits. When it comes time to applying them to the card stock, it will be a slow process using a fine tipped paintbrush. I was honored that she chose me to create these pieces for her special occasion.

In the last year, I also took up sketching and water coloring,which I found out my Great Grandmother and Great Aunts also did. In fact, I was gifted with a few of their pieces, which are so special to me. I pulled my sketch book out the other night and sat in my backyard working on a new piece. My husband was quite surprised when he saw it. He kept asking if I had drawn it. (I can still surprise him). My step-son (who is a true artist at a young age) and I spent about 2 hours sketching and water coloring. It was a nice time spent together.

So, I choose to have many creative hobbies. And work. And finishing my degree. And building this blog with mom. And building an empire Like a Girl Boss! Life is meant to be enjoyed and filled with what we love. It doesn’t matter if we find our creative streak later in life. Go find you creative side. Explore many types, enjoy the journey.

Thanks for reading…..Amy

Weekend Whirl

Tallulah's at The Vintage Marketplace

Tallulah’s at The Vintage Marketplace

If you see our Instagram and read our blog you know where we went last weekend, the Vintage Marketplace in Temecula on Saturday. Sunday I also went to the Montrose Arts & Crafts festival which had over 300 vendors and from there stopped at Pasadena City College flea market since it was on the way home. What a weekend. Throw in a family birthday party Sat pm and it was full. Pasadena was so hot we didn’t stay too long but I love going there. It’s free except $2.parking and it is getting bigger all the time. I usually go to Savoir Faire in Fullerton the first weekend and will be back there again in July but I have to sneak in PCC every once in awhile. Pasadena has alot of vendors with vinyl record albums-raise your hand if you still love the Beatles!! It is a nice setting too. Vendors with antiques, lots of home decor items, old jewelry, handmade stuff-it feels like the old swap meets. They get the traffic too-lots and lots of people there, even with the heat. Part of it is in the parking garage which is nice to cool off in.

At Montrose, Flea Market Flair

At Montrose, Flea Market Flair

Montrose was a nice change. It is once a year,this was the 33rd, and their artists  had new and handmade items. Their website is if you want to check for the next one. There is a booth I loved from Flea Market Flair. This lady, Michelle, has a professional setup and her handmade bags are beautiful. Very unique and I want one. Why why why don’t I buy when I see something great? I will catch up with her again because she wants to be a vendor at Driving Miz Daisy-no secret it is my favorite venue. Michelle’s website is Don’t you love it when someone commits to their business and has a stunning booth and display? It says two things to me,one-that their crafts for sale are excellent and two-that they care to take the time and spend the dollars to promote themselves. Because that’s what it is, self promotion and it takes guts to get out and do it. Bravo to Michelle, she does it well.

We ran into Yolanda at B Street Junky at The Vintage Marketplace too. I had met her at Trading Post 1908. She has a warehouse in Ontario, CA., where she is going to be having a sale. Her email is and phone 909 786-5603, she is on Instagram and Facebook too. Interesting choices of vintage items.

B Street Junky at The Vintage Mareketplace

B Street Junky at The Vintage Marketplace

We are slowly getting started on Twitter. I need my 12 year old granddaughter to give me a tutorial, and Amy isn’t much more knowledgeable but we’ll get there. I call it building new brain cells, I think my old ones are worn out! Anyway check us out there too.

This weekend I hope to get to Inspired Market Saturday here in Rancho Cucamonga where I live. It is so great because every place I normally go is over 30 miles away. Then on Sunday, of course, Driving Miz Daisy. I hope to see some of the faces we met at The Vintage Marketplace. I hope everyone is so busy we can only wave-good selling to all of you!!

Thanks for reading…Bonnie


Girls can play with hammers too….

Guess who tore apart her first pallet tonight? This girl! It’s seriously hard work. I broke a few boards. But, I can still use them for other projects. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be at a point where the house is put together enough to do projects.

The right tools make a HUGE difference in time and sweat. But, I feel pretty good about the work I did. I found a pallet breaker online for about $80, haven’t been able to find it in a store yet. So for tonight, I used a crowbar, rubber mallet, hammer, and gloves. It’s important to practice safety. If you don’t have the right tools, borrow them. Like I did. From the husbands workbench.

Back to my excitement. Let me be honest, it was not an easy task. There is a lot of hammering involved. The thin end of the crowbar must go under the board and be tapped in far enough to lift the nail. The nails are twisted, so they really grab the wood. This makes it difficult to lift and is also what keeps the pallets strong.

Even though a few boards broke, but I was able to get enough good boards for my project. (Stay tuned to next weeks blog, it’s a surprise and an original) They are fairly straight and in good shape. My next steps will be to sand and stain them. I am considering the steel wool and vinegar stain, which I will start tonight. Being that most pallets are made from pine, it may not darker up much. If that’s true with this pallet wood, I may go over it with another stain, until I get my desired result.  image







I ended up with some great nails that I will reuse for my project. This is a tribute to my grandmother. When she married my grandfather, they built their first house from wood they reclaimed from an old ranger station in Big Bear. They took it down board by board, she straighten all the nails and they brought it back to the Rosemead area. This was in the era just after World War 2, when there was very little available in terms of wood and steel. Very special story to me. She has always been an inspiration. And feisty. I inherited that. image

Besides the nails and boards, I ended up with a nice little pile of kindling to start the campfire on my next camping trip. Scheduled for Never. I don’t camp.

Thanks for reading…Amy