I can’t believe they did that!

I frequently troll Pinterest, which leads me to troll other blogs and websites, which leads me to brilliant ideas (at least I think they are brilliant). It’s a slow (hot) week in my household and I am not progressing much with my painting. But, I did discover some great new ideas and of course great ideas must be shared. Please check out these artsy geniuses and send them some kudos.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog-22In my feed today, these beautiful colorful designer knobs showed up. I was instantly drawn to them. I though they were hand painted and wanted to see if the blogger Ananda would share her secrets. She did! Along with the download to the designs to create your own. I can’t believe how easy it is to take dull ordinary knobs and turn them into stunning pieces. Check out her how to here: http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/diy-designer-knobs/

Next my trolling took me to a Baking Soda Dough recipe…what!?!? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Having taught preschool in a former life, I thought I had seen most all things, but this left me giddy. I had to print it out for the babysitter. I would love to see what Mr. T will make with them. Check out how cute they are: http://mypinterventures.com/baking-soda-dough-sea-art/

rope-nautical-wreathOver at Nest for Less, Erin made an adorable Nautical themed wreath. Currently, we are decorating our home to be more coastal. (we live in a desert area and it’s hot and not very beachy) This wreath is so adorable and easy. Plus, she has printable, how-to’s, tips and tricks and so much more. See the wreath here: http://howtonestforless.com/2015/06/10/rope-nautical-wreath/

And then I stumbled upon perhaps my most favorite. I am a huge fan of Tin Man Tailored Sweets BlogThe Wizard of Oz. I have books and figurines and little trinket boxes (not overboard- like my whole house is done up in it, but I do love it). So when I found this guy, I knew I wanted to see more. Tailored Sweets blog has an adorable post on a Wizard of Oz theme party. Lots of cute ideas. I wasn’t able to locate the owner of the blog, but she has fantastic ideas! As far as I can tell Dhalia Bridal is the blog owner. I hope she posts more soon! http://tailoryoursweets.blogspot.com/2011/12/wizard-of-oz-inspired-birthday-party.html?view=snapshot

As bloggers, artists, creators and pickers, it’s not always easy to be found. Part of the We’re Mad About mission is to spread the word. We do this by attending lots of flea markets and vintage venues. But, also through sharing here on our blog, and through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s important to give recognition to those that work hard to grow their passion into a sustainable lifestyle and business. When we attend these markets and hear people say “I know who you are!” or they come out of their booths to give us hugs and tell us how happy they are to see us, it makes this more than just something that my mom and I share, it makes us happy. We want to see others succeed. There are so many talented people out there. They may have a knack for finding great vintage items (teach me, please) or painting beautiful works of art, making custom cuffs or fragrant candles from recycled bottles. The one thing we all have in common is courage and a heart for what we do. (see what I did there?) If you have something to share, feel free to email us and send us pictures. Is there a market we are missing? Let us know.


Thanks for reading….Amy

Chain Chain Chain

A few years ago for Christmas, I received a Sizzix Big Shot Pro die cut machine. I adore this machine and have spent many hours creating projects with it. One of my favorite projects is a paper chain countdown. I used the Sizzlits Decorative Strip die.

Paper selections

Paper selections

The design on this die-cut is intricate and refined, it makes a simply gorgeous chain. I’ve created these for several holidays, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.  It’s wonderful for creating new traditions with your children or grandchildren.

For this particular chain I created 14 links using Valentine’s Day themed paper, a mixture of reds, pinks, and blacks. I know, Black? Honestly, it adds depth and texture to the chain. These papers include polka dots, strips, hearts, and wording.

Intricate design

Intricate design

Each day as my children take down a link is a new opportunity for me to tell them one thing I love about them. It’s a great fun way to tell them how unique they are. This is an easy craft to create memories from. Try it and share your pictures with us!

Sweet sentiments

Sweet sentiments

Thanks for reading……Amy