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Flea Market Frenzy

Flea Market Addicts unite!

Being obsessed with recycling, antiques, shabby chic, remade or re-imagined items had put us in a spot. We have been visiting flea markets, yard sales, swap meets, boutiques, and thrift stores for years in Southern Calif. It was time to find some new ones. Pouring through vintage magazines, craft magazines, and flyers led us to  discover  some new places that are now open, and helped us think back on some of the oldies but g0odies. Amy moved to a new area not so long ago near Temecula so we are exploring it. Old Town Temecula has some great antique shops and interesting places to wander around. So get ready, Mapquest is gonna get a workout setting up directions for you.

FleaQuest, advertises as a nationwide online vintage guide, full of info about stores and boutiques and flea markets and swap meets. Easy to use, and for every state, we found it to be our go-to site. Internet searches by city will often bring you one-off sales. We always look at every place we go for flyers left out by vendors promoting their next event. Most are happy to let you know of markets they like. Another way is to check city calendars if you are going to a certain town to see what might be planned during your stay. We found a great antique sale in Orange in December by following their street signs. Talking to store owners and even other customers in a new area is where you find the lesser known local shops. In Utah for a trip in Jan. we googled recycled stores and found a really cool place we had driven right by. Store fronts don’t always show whats hidden inside.Search around, let us know what you find.Borrowed from Pinterest

Best Flea Market ever has to be the Rose Bowl. Whatever your heart fixates on you will find there. 2nd Sunday of each month, free parking but admission is charged-$8.00 last time we were there. Don’t worry, it’s worth every penny. Also on the 2nd Sunday in the other direction, is Driving Miz Daisy in Mission Viejo. Full of booths, free admission and free parking, we love this one. Food, nice restrooms, shade, easy in and out, music-can’t ask for more-except all the handmade, antique, shabby chic, re-imagined, recycled, repainted, distressed stuff we love! (Ran out of adjectives or we’d keep going.) There’s so many great places to explore-check out our Pinterest page for more.

The list above should be enough to get you started. Just think about it,  a day in the sun with friends, a few treasured finds, a nice lunch somewhere new, sounds like an adventure to us. Invitations are always accepted-hint, hint! And pictures of finds are welcomed.

Thanks for reading…Amy and BonnieBorrowed from Pinterest

Orange Flea Market


Stopped by the Orange Flea Market yesterday. It’s at 146 No.Grand in Orange, Calif. Great place to spend maybe an hour. It’s small but free with free parking,which is always nice.This town is full of antique and quirky stores. I could blow the years budget at Country Roads, which is an upcoming blog. The Flea Market has a mixture of old, reused, recycled and remade items. For my moms birthday in November I got her a darling little fairy succulent garden a vendor made. Wish I had taken a picture! I bought a silverplate tray that I am going to stencil a bird on. More about that later. Anyway nice way to spend a Saturday. They are open the 2nd Saturday of each month 7-3. Its a parking lot full of ideas waiting to be discovered. Drop by there sometime. Thanks for reading…Bonnie