Mantel mania

I am getting started on my next project today. My mantel has been sitting here unpainted for 2 years.. I hate to admit that.  I searched and searched for one, deciding the ones I found were too ornate or large for my house.  I finally found the perfect one at King Richards Antiques in Whittier. Paid all of $60.00 for it. Then I brought it home and stared at it.  Still staring at it…

Annie Sloan Old White is my paint of choice since I have done other pieces of furniture with it that are currently in my front room. Sanding is a foreign word to me. There will be none of that done in my home!  So look at the picture of the mantel before I start and next week we can look at the finished one. Thinking about mantels made me look up some. Of course they are much more elaborate than mine. I guess I am more of a plain jane, trying to simplify things. Of course, I don’t even have a fireplace so no need to consider that. I just like the look of a mantel under my big screen tv to display holiday items, candles, etc. It is right across from the front door so it’s the first thing you notice when you come in (unless you notice the dust bunnies first–quit looking!).

Going to all these different flea markets and boutiques  and antique stores I have seen hundreds of mantels. It seems like most older homes had fireplaces, not as much now, especially in Calif. You can find them rescued from old houses, handmade, re-purposed, it’s amazing.. And the detail put into some of the mantels, there is every style you can think of, the variety is endless. Anything from plain jane to marble, wood, brick, carved, the choices go on and on. Here’s a few I found.

So paint brush and rollers ready  set  go!! Since I gave myself the time limit of next weeks blog, I guess I better get started. Wish me luck!!


Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Rusty Gypsy


First of all I love their name. Second the owners are so nice and knowledgeable. The store has recently moved from their teeny tiny storefront around the corner to this huge space. It’s at 229 S. Second Street, Upland, Ca. Their phone is 909-908-6236. To describe it I would say salvage rustic repurposed reused painted vintage home decor. It’s my kind of store. All my keywords for Instagram are there!

They carry CeCe Caldwell clay and chalk paint, the only store to do so in San Bernardino county. If you don’t know this brand you are in for a treat. It’s naturally green, non toxic. In fact they use it to redo cribs. The store carries a huge variety of colors-you can see some of the colors in my pictures of furniture there. And the paint is made in the good old USA . And they offer classes-next one is May 15th.

These are just a few of the pictures I took to give you an idea of the work being done here. We all need to support small businesses like this. I’m trying to do my part buying when I find a piece I need and spreading the word. I had such a good time just browsing in the store. I’m so happy because it is near me. I’m in Rancho Cucamonga, Amy is in Murrieta so you can see we drive far and wide to take in all these stores, flea markets, and faires. Seeing them is wonderful and telling you guys about them even better. Thus the blog was born. I hope you enjoy it and keep reading it because both Amy and I are having fun with this.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie