shabbyologyOver the weekend a couple of my friends and I decided to chance the weather and go shopping. I had been to Shabbyology a few times and was anxious to share it with them. It is a wonderful mixture of old and new. I like the way it is set up. The shop is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays-every weekend, except holidays. It is located at 534 E. Edna Place, Covina Ca 91723.If you live in the area be sure to stop by. Both my friends purchased unique items that I wanted but they grabbed them first. Have to play nice if you want to have friends so I didn't trip them before they took my choices.
The owner,Jackie, was there and graciously gave her approval to include her in my first blog. They also are accepting new vendors, if anyone is looking for a place to display and sell their creations. You can call them at 626-890-6091.Thanks for reading...Bonnie


Creativity. Where do you find it? A girlfriend of mine recently joined Pinterest. She said she was “searching for some creativity, because” she was “lacking the gene.” It got me thinking, where do you find creativity? Are you born with it? Can you cultivate it? I believe you can be inspired by the world around you, and this inspiration spurns creativity.

For me, I find it everywhere. You will frequently find me taking pictures of my ‘inspiration.’ From the beach to the sky to shops and museums. I love the ideas people come up with. I want to be that creative.

Some ideas I can execute, nearly flawlessly. Others, I start and take a step back and think, “How in the world did they do that?” Some creations I am afraid to attempt. There’s just no way I have that much creativity in me.

But, always I am inspired. This world is a beautiful place because of the creativity of people. We all have it within us, it’s just a matter of finding that one thing you do well. Tap into it. Work with it. And share it with the world. Make it a more beautiful place to be.

So, get your Pinterest on! Thanks for reading…Amy [Read more…]