Come on Fall!!!!!

Looks like Fall to me

Hi it’s Bonnie,

One commo:n phrase we have heard lately is how slow it is. Not many buyers or lookers, summer is usually low volume. There’s a couple of reasons for it. First, it’s hot as h… I haven’t been out as often because I dread going from cool store to hot car, only to do it again and again. I’m sure a lot of people can’t take the heat and so they stay home. Starting to feel like it might cool down a little finally! Second, back to school shopping. That takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, to say nothing of the money!! Third, there is quite a bit of similar stock out there, and a lot of it is brown. I am anxious to see the new Fall colors myself.

Personally, Fall cannot get here too soon for me. I want cooler weather and long walks. I want to see pumpkins and fall decor. Of course all I have to do is go to Hobby Lobby, they started over a month ago. But Hobby Lobby just isn’t my cup of tea. I like frayed, worn, rusty not mass produced. I want the love put in a item to show, not the dollar signs. I want to see the old gears and chicken feeders made into repurposed pieces. I don’t want a pretend keepsake. I want something that shows someone loved it, and spent their time and talent on it. Fall seems to bring out the best of vendors and stores. I have already been keeping an eye on Instagram and have seen some Fall decor sneaking in. I usually don’t want to rush the seasons, but….

Who’s with me?????

Pumpkin courtesy of Sweet Peas Charm and the Plaster Paint Co. Find her at Needful Things Addiction, Lake Elsinore and Fourth Street Antiques, Temecula.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy


  1. Barbara Ann Sandoval says:

    I agree with the Back To School slow down. My husband is in the automotive repair industry. For years I’ve tracked the business and trends. Sept is always slow. When the school needs are many, from Kleenex to computers, the car repair, or vintage treasure, just has to wait.
    But fall is for everyone!🎃🍁