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Best Weekend ever!!!!!

Hi, it’s Bonnie.

I waited till tonight, to post for last week because I wanted to talk about our weekend. Amy went to Seahive Marketplace in Oceanside for the first time and she said I need to get over there. It’s a new warehouse type store filled with vendors, notably, Boarding House Broads for one. We love everything they do, and Tracy from the Broads is working there. It is at 1555 S Coast Highway, Oceanside. If the weather would let up I would be there. Maybe next week, 104 is too hot for me, but I will get there.

So for what I did this weekend!! It’s a lot. Friday we went to Costa Mesa for the first @flyingmizdaisy show. Just to let you in on a secret—it was great! The vendors brought their best and we met so many we didn’t know. I love how nice the vendors were. Supporting each other, telling us not to miss seeing other booths, explaining what they do, it is so interesting and they all work so hard. It’s not easy loading, unloading, decorating, redecorating, pricing-everyone we saw were on their feet, talking to customers. We talked to Char, who is the heart and soul of Flying Miz Daisy, she was thrilled with the turnout. The music was wonderful, by the way. It’s a cool place too, in a building called The Hanger. Some great vendors are @vindustrial_supply_co, @junkstyledesign, @love_picking_junk and @rusticandrefinded, @seahousedesign. We met @mala_creations too and love her pieces of furniture. Next one is Dec 1,2 so mark your calendars, don’t miss out.

Sweet Peas Charm at Behind the Picket fence

Sat am we were off to Behind the Picket Fence, again in Costa Mesa. I love this smaller show, it is filled with vendors who really care and love what they do. We knew lots of them and it was fun to say hi and shoot the breeze. Of course every time we go I have to say “get the apple pie ready”. It is the best ever and on a hot day with ice cream and a cold ice tea it made me happy. Among all the vendors, we also ran into Lynn, from @sweet Peas Charm, and I wanted to show the brushes she uses for the plaster paint she reps for Calif. Any stores need a paint line, this is the one. I am using it right now to paint the bottom of my old oak table. It looks good-if I say so.

Woodlyn Road, Behind the Picket Fence

From there we went straight to @topsecretfleamarket. I posted on Ig about this and she just happened to get the building for another one. We saw lots of different pieces from the first time and we’ll let you know when and where the next one will be. If you like France, this is the one to go to. It moves around but in the Orange County area.

On Sunday we saw a post about a warehouse in LA and we made it over there. It is called Vintage Junction at 4436 Worth St, Los Angeles. The owner has an estate sale company and the warehouse is for all she finds. Its HUGE!! So much fun to rummage around. I really need a truck. We could not believe all the good junk. Prices were fair too. It would be a good place to pick and I’m sure lots of vendors know about it. She is only open once in awhile, we’ll post the next one. Also she is planning to have a event where vendors can sell soon. We can’t wait. The more we get out, the more events we find out about and get to go and tell you guys about them. We are posting all the pics we can, #supportvendors!!!


Get ready, we start the holiday season soon. Sooner than later if the stores have their choice. But my calendar is booking up. This Sat we are heading out to Barn House Chicks in Thousand Oaks. Every place we go we ask if they have more shows planned so we can make sure we don’t miss them, I suggest you do the same. All the new creations come out for the seasons. We’ll be posting all the events we know about in advance. Hope to see you out there, it’s going to be so much fun.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy

Come on Fall!!!!!

Looks like Fall to me

Hi it’s Bonnie,

One commo:n phrase we have heard lately is how slow it is. Not many buyers or lookers, summer is usually low volume. There’s a couple of reasons for it. First, it’s hot as h… I haven’t been out as often because I dread going from cool store to hot car, only to do it again and again. I’m sure a lot of people can’t take the heat and so they stay home. Starting to feel like it might cool down a little finally! Second, back to school shopping. That takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, to say nothing of the money!! Third, there is quite a bit of similar stock out there, and a lot of it is brown. I am anxious to see the new Fall colors myself.

Personally, Fall cannot get here too soon for me. I want cooler weather and long walks. I want to see pumpkins and fall decor. Of course all I have to do is go to Hobby Lobby, they started over a month ago. But Hobby Lobby just isn’t my cup of tea. I like frayed, worn, rusty not mass produced. I want the love put in a item to show, not the dollar signs. I want to see the old gears and chicken feeders made into repurposed pieces. I don’t want a pretend keepsake. I want something that shows someone loved it, and spent their time and talent on it. Fall seems to bring out the best of vendors and stores. I have already been keeping an eye on Instagram and have seen some Fall decor sneaking in. I usually don’t want to rush the seasons, but….

Who’s with me?????

Pumpkin courtesy of Sweet Peas Charm and the Plaster Paint Co. Find her at Needful Things Addiction, Lake Elsinore and Fourth Street Antiques, Temecula.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy

3 Social Media tips!!!

Hi it’s Bonnie,

Social Media is a tough one. Some people are just made for it. Me, I have to have my 14 year old granddaughter explain it to me!!! But, we have come up with a list of things you might want to consider:

1-Looking at the Instagram accounts we are interested to see what works and doesn’t. When you start an Instagram account you never believe you will get that many followers. I remember our first 100, we thought we were at the top. Now we have over 4300!!!! It’s been a year and a couple of months. That’s pretty good considering we don’t sell anything. So how did we do it? We tried to post pictures of pieces and people that we were and are still excited about. We follow back Instagram accounts in our wheelhouse. No follow for follow because they usually drop you shortly anyway. So usually, not real estate agents or gyms or social media growth sites. We keep checking the accounts we follow and like the posts so they know we are still interested. We repost posts that appeal to a wide range of people. We comment, not just for the sake of commenting, but because we know what a comment can do. Some of our early followers who commented-thank you, it helped keep us going. We respond to all that comment. We really try to space out our posts daily, usually 3 a day and one, for sure, around 7-8 at night. We think posting 10 in a row is irritating to see. We try not to post the same thing twice (although we have been guilty of that). We post every single day. We hunt out Instagrammers to follow. We make sure to follow stores and vendors. One of our first questions is “are you on instagram?” We love doing this and meeting you.

2-Facebook-Many many store owners use facebook. The problem we have with that is out-of-date postings. It is really easy to let time go by and posts get stale quickly. Make sure your store hours and days are correct. We have gotten caught in that trap, it’s pretty maddening when you get to a store and they are closed when facebook says different. Keep pictures current of your stock so customers have an idea of what kind of pieces they will find when they get to you.  Make sure users know how to contact you. State your policies clearly-do you do layaway or holds? Post your sales and classes on there also.

3-Web sites-Please please continue to contribute. I can name several sites off the top of my head that are stores out of business or now closed different days than stated. Make it easy to reach you. If you have a stagnant site customers wonder if you are still there or if you just don’t need business. Double and triple check for mis-spellings and grammer errors. Nothing looks worse or is more embarrassing but we have all done it. We cringe everytime we see an error!! Go back and fix anything wrong, don’t let it just sit. Mention your Instagram or Twitter on the website often. Each of us likes certain social media more, for us obviously Instagram, but let your customers know where else they can find you. Again post sales and classes you offer. Think of ways to spark interest. Remember, lots of people only see you on your social media. Make it sharp, informative, and up to date.

There you go, I’m sure we should have mentioned so much more, but that’s what comments at the bottom of this post are for! Help us, if you think of anything we forgot.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy


July Summary

Hi everyone!

We were going through our calendar for July yesterday. We have gotten in the habit of  jotting down where we went on certain days for several reasons. We want to tell about classes or demo days we come across and we want to make sure we aren’t visiting anyone too often!!! Tell us if you have something special planned and we’ll post for you.  Some of these stores we could go everyday and find something new! However it makes sense to us to space it out a little. Then the inventory turns over, store owners get new pieces finished, and we all have something new to share.

So for July here’s our summary:

July 5- Needful Things Addiction-Lake Elsinore

Serendipity Antiques & Garden-Temecula

July 9- The Coast Vintage Market-Mission Viejo ( formerly Driving Miz Daisy)

July 13-Vintage Begonia-Temecula

Needful Things Addiction-Lake Elsinore

July 15 Junk in the Trunk-San Diego (Amy)

Shabbyology-Covina (Bonnie)

July 18-Vinitique-Lake Elsinore


July 23-Old Town Flea Market-Tustin

Country Roads-Orange

July 24-Treasures n Junk-Ontario

July 28-The Nest-Yucaipa

Les Chateaux-Yucaipa

The Red Rooster Vintage-Redlands

Back in Time-Redlands

July 29-My French Farm-Mentone

Vintique Alley-Riverside

Embellished Nestings-Riverside

Mrs. Darlings-Riverside


Now, if you know of anywhere we need to see, use the comments below or send us a message on our Instagram @weremadabout. For August  we know we are hitting The Coast Vintage Market, on Aug 13th in Mission Viejo  ( formerly Driving Miz Daisy), and the new Flying Miz Daisy in Costa Mesa on the 25th ( it is open on the 26th too) and then the next day, the 26th, Behind the Picket Fence, also in Costa Mesa.  And we won’t miss Vintique Alley’s Sip N Shop on Aug. 17th in Riverside between 5-9. Wine, anyone??  The rest of the month will be filling up soon, sounds pretty full of too much fun already, doesn’t it? Oh and Seahive in Oceanside, a new store chock full of vendors, is opening in August too. Boarding House Broads will kill us if we miss that!! Sept is already booking up too, most importantly, we are going back to @ threespeckledhens in Paso Robles!!!! Yeah!! We had a great great time there earlier this year and this time we know even more vendors. See you there, @thejunkdiva @lilwoodsvintage @millerrusticdesign @sweetpeascharm- anyone else, let us know if you’re going and we’ll post on the ig for you. We got a lot of new followers and friends after our visit last time.

It’s a fun time of year coming up soon. We are soooo excited for fall and all the shows and vendors and stores.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy