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Hi, this is Bonnie.

We started our Instagram a little over a year ago. We now have over 3800 followers. It’s our little business and we try to be careful with who we promote and who we follow. So that got me thinking about a few tips for some of you from what we have seen.

One of the things we like is to be able to find (stalk) dealers who keep current with the trends, keep their booths and stores fresh, keep changing up pieces, are friendly, are happy to see customers and just nice people. We now know quite a few of you because you are business people, and that’s obviously how you stay in business and why. But….when we can’t find you at a venue it’s annoying. I know, I have tried to hunt out dealers ( maybe they are hiding from us now??) A good way to be found is to have a good sign. This post is to show some of the great signs we have seen and loved so if you don’t have one you might get inspired. Don’t worry, we are not trying to sell you anything! But…we do know some great vendors who would make you a custom sign to show off your business, if you don’t have one.  For one, one of our favorites” Far Away Hood.” If you check out their ig you can see they have made signs for a lot of different homes and businesses. They made the one shown for Sweet Peas Charm and, of course, their own. You can find them at many shows, Driving Miz Daisy, for sure, and on their web site

Second,  Made New Home Furnishings at 113 S Harbor, Fullerton. Phone is 405-7428937.  The pictures we put up of her shop recently show her versatility. Custom-made the way you want and professional looking.

Made New Home Furnishings

The pictures on here are all great examples of good signs. Put up a sign please!! Or bring the one you have ( hint hint one of our favorite vendors). We are surprised not all of the venues require this. Promote yourself!!!  It really helps customers to know it’s you and to follow you wherever you sell. That’s the point, right?

Some of my top shops found a way to stand out. The Nest in Yucaipa at 12131 California, take a look at their place. Does that get your attention? Shabbyology in Covina, 534 E Edna, put red chairs with polkadots at each corner by her store so when we see them we know we’re close. Both great ideas.

The Nest

So on Instagram we have a few rules. We follow back only if they actually liked our photos. Too many times you get a follow just to make you follow them back, and they have never even looked at your pics.  We also follow only if 1-it’s a personal ig that shows they have interest in home decor or flea markets or historic houses-something somewhat like the pictures we share or 2-if it’s a business, say like Habitat for Humanity or a salvage or a restaurant near a venue we frequent. We usually don’t follow real estate agents, gyms, hair dressers because we want people to follow us who like what we do, not just to get more followers who want to promote their business anywhere anyhow.

Mrs Darling

If we get a follow from a site “Get 10,000 followers ” etc.. we block them. We don’t want that kind of junk (get it?) on our ig. That’s not a way to grow. There are plenty of people who like the same things we do, it’s only a competition between Amy and I (joke), there is no reason to get followers that way. When we get a new follower we check out their ig. I do this every night. Then I like the pictures if I actually like them, and I follow them back, and often comment. I also make sure when a follower likes one of our pics to check their site and do likewise. That’s common courtesy if you have the time and I do. I hit “send notifications” on the ones I regularly follow so I can see all their new stuff as they post. P.S. it’s fun and it’s nice to encourage people.

Also if you are a vendor or a dealer make sure you have a business account with Instagram. It’s easy to switch over from personal. We like it because it gives you a little more info. It tells how many people looked at your picture even if they didn’t actually take the time to like it, and how many came back for a second look. We really appreciate this feature. When we see over 1,000 looked a picture we know we are on the right track.

If you want to comment on our pictures or our blogs, do so down below. We always welcome input and would like to know if this blog helped any of you.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy.


  1. Great words of wisdom, Bonnie! We small business owners are so lucky you take the time to acknowledge us! Thank you!

  2. Love following along with what you’re up to and who you’re looking at Bonnie. Really good advice here, thanks for keeping your eyes and camera lense open!

  3. Bonnie and Amy,
    You ladies are simply amazing. Thank you for promoting, not only our business (Far Away Hood), but for promoting small business creatives. You truly help us make a living at what we are passionate about. We love you girls so so much!

    • weremadabout says:

      Noelle- Thank you! It is easy when we have great people and businesses to promote!!
      Love to you both!

  4. Bonnie,
    As the first store you shared on your blog, I feel so honored to know that I have a great person who supports me and all the hard work that goes into having a small business. Thank you so much for your kind words and promotional help. Every time you and Barbra surprise us with your visits I always feel so proud that you enjoy Shabbyology so much that you continue coming to see us. Thanks again, See ya soon Jackie

    • weremadabout says:

      Thank you,Jackie, you know I love the way your store is always changing and evolving. Barbara was happy to be included in your comment too. We will see you soon again!!!

  5. Thank you for such an informative piece! I am new-ish to self-promoting on social media. I occupy the “Gallery Wall” at Needful Things Addiction. I also made all of the signage and decals for the Shoppe itself. I really need to get on my SM game, and you gals have given me some excellent ideas. Thank you!

    • weremadabout says:

      And we love that hallway at Needful Things Addiction with your pieces. They really decorate that long hallway and look sharp. Thanks for commenting.

  6. I’m so proud to be a part of this Shoppe. Stephanie has done an amazing job creating a beautiful spot for us all to share our talents.