Sweet Peas Charm & Pumpkins

This past weekend mom and I went to Old Town Temecula to attend a workshop held by Sweet Peas Charm. Lynn is the sweetest lady and so creative. I first met her at the Temecula fair earlier this year. Her display booth held plaster paint by The Plaster Paint Company. There were several colorful furniture pieces. Lynn specializes in bringing life back to furniture. Her gallery at www.SweetPeasCharm.com is filled the pieces she has created. From a clock table (ingenious) to side tables and chairs. She is inspirational!

Sweet Peas Charm

Sweet Peas Charm

There are 2 locations to find her creations and Plaster Paint. Fourth St. Antiques in Old Town Temecula (a great place to spend a day) and The Merchant’s Mercantile in Anaheim. She can also be found at some of the Southern California Vintage markets. Check her site for dates and details.

Mom and I signed up to take a plaster paint workshop and create a few unique pumpkin decorations. It was a small workshop, just perfect for getting to know everybody. Her sweet daughter in law Valerie was there, along with my mom and two of the nicest girls we’ve met.

Lynn had the table set up with wooden pumpkins, a selection of Plaster Paint colors and adorable stencils and embellishments. There are about 48 colors to choose from, including some Metallics. Although we love Chalk Paint, this is more affordable and easy to work with (see colors in gallery below).  I chose the Merlot color (hello!! Remember the T’wine bottles) and mom choose Sweet Cream. The paint has great coverage and it didn’t take long for it to dry. I have to say the Merlot was

Merlot & Sweet Cream Pumpkin

Merlot & Sweet Cream Pumpkin


After about 10 minutes of drying and chatting, we moved onto the stencils. I choose a pattern, while mom choose a sweet flower design. We laid the stencil over the first layer of paint and lightly dapped the stencil color over it. It doesn’t take a lot of paint to get the look you want. Valarie choose the Toasted Marshmellow and painted arrows and Family on hers (adorable), the other girls did a Black and “Spooky” and a Chevron pattern. All the pumpkins came out so unique

Sweet Cream & Coraline Pumpkin

Sweet Cream & Coraline Pumpkin

and cute!

Of course, I had to buy some paint, Merlot, Native Stone and the Jewel’s Magic Seal (a great sealer). Stay tuned for my project using The Plaster Paint….


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