This Mantel of Mine


Finally finished my mantel redo. I wanted to post the picture of it the other day but I had a small whoops. I used a brush to wax it but I wanted a little more so I grabbed a cloth and started rubbing it in. It wasn’t until I stopped, stepped back to check it, that I realized I was using a red cloth. So then my white mantel was partially pink. As my friend Mike used to say, “you can’t fix stupid”. Luckily you can-sometimes. So I repainted that part and started waxing again-after a short wait. All of which put me into the next day and after my self-imposed deadline to post. Amy and I have been stretching our brains and bodies to learn to do new things, wood working, tearing apart pallets, sanding, painting-and in my case repainting. It is fun to learn these new skills but, not always easy. Amy stepped on a nail the other day. As she said then- “I am woman, hear me roar”. I think that’s a song not what you scream, instead of a four letter word when you are hurt or frustrated. But whatever works!
I wanted a wood applique-once again opened my mouth too soon. There was nothing in Lowes that would work. Hobby Lobby had a metal scroll piece which I bought. Too big. Michaels had a cute garland-too small. I sense a story here (3 Bears anyone?) But when I got home with all this stuff I bought I ended up not using any of it and instead found this metal strip of birds I bought at a flea market long ago. It was silver, I painted it white and brushed some blue over the birds. Done. ‘Course it doesn’t want to stay on the mantel, so Amy better get over here soon with the epoxy. Then it will be completely done.
Thanks for reading…Bonnie