Pallet gardens…

I’ve had a few pallets laying around my yard for weeks. Just waiting for the perfect project and the coveted pallet breaker. I finally ordered the pallet breaker and completed a project. Yay Me!

First, the pallet breaker. I love love love this thing. There are many to be found online and at different price points. I went for its and spent a little bit more than I had budgeted. Best decision. This is a strong well built tool. I brought it through Amazon and my husband put a strong hickory handle on it. It took me less than 5 minutes to break this pallet apart, with very little breakage of the boards. YAY! The boards from that pallet are destined for a coffee table.

Now onto the garden. Our new house needs some yard changes. For instance, the previous owner put all concrete and a big strip of rock, The concrete is great for entertaining and basketball. The rock… does not work for us at all. So I have no real garden space right now. Gardens are a part of my life. I wish I’d had more time to plant some container tomatoes. But, I will be happy with my little pallet garden.

I chose to put the herbs I use most in and some strawberries. YUM! The pallet garden was a pretty quick project, once we figured out the best way to fold and adhere thee fabric. I used Sta-Green landscape fabric that would allow room for the root systems to grow and water to drain as needed. We adhered the fabric to the wood using a staple gun. It worked perfectly, except I have a strong trigger finger and there might have been 3-5 staples for every one that my husband did. I call this making sure it’s strong. (That works, right?)

Next I used a good quality soil mix from Lowe’s, Sta-Green. This soil has the right nutrients to help the plants transition and get off to a good start. I filled the troughs with soil and the spaced the plants.Next, I dug the holes for each plant and trenaplanted. Some water and a little pep talk and WA-LA! The herbs and berries now have a new home.

The last thing to do was create a space to label the plants. I used chalkboard paint to create the area. Intitaaly, I thought that I would paint neat spaces and do some fancy writing. But, it’s a wonderful rustic piece, so I went with an artistic swipe of paint and then let the kiddo write the names in colored chalk and I have my pallet garden!!

I am so happy with the way it turned out. It’s exactly what I want.

I’m Mad About it….

Thanks for reading…Amy