Chalky chairs

I finally finished my chairs!!! I am very happy with the way they turned out. I think they look amazing. It was much more intensive that I thought it would be and a good lesson.

Trashed chairsFor those who follow our Instagram, you may recognize these chairs. For those who don’t (why not?), allow me to update you. I found these chairs on the curb. Immediately, I saw the potential in them. Elegant lines and sturdy construction. Ultimately, the 4 chairs became 3, one was missing a leg and I was unable to locate a replacement online. A pair for sale and one for my office.

Before and AfterNow rehabbing these was fun. Brush painting chalk paint into all these delicate lines, not so much. I think I painted them a total of 4 times. Paint. Sand. Paint. Sand. Gotta make sure that any drips are corrected, plus all the little surface drips and lines. So I think next time, I would spray paint a piece of furniture such as this. I will leave brush painting for a flater piece. I used Valspar’s “Her Dainties” chalk paint. Lowe’s will mix up it quick and it ran me about $23 for the quart. A little pricey, but it goes a long way.

For the cushions, I wanted a nice thick firm foam. I bought some great foam through Amazon (my favorite shopping place). Enough foam to cover 4 chairs, about $20 Tip: use an electric knife to cut the foam. It helps with a smooth even cut. Trace your seat first! I then wrapped the foam and seat base with a nice quilting foam. (Sorry- no pictures).

I choose some beautiful fabric to match the paint from Jo-Ann’s fabric.  (Download their app, they have the best coupons around.) I choose a nice upholstery fabric. I want to make sure it holds up against use and wear. Plus, it looks trendy and fits the paint color perfectly! I adore.Chairs

To finish it off, I used a spray on Matte Sealer by Krylon. I picked it up at Jo-Ann’s for a few dollars. This is a great product for sealing the chalk paint and preventing easy rub off, without the task of brushing it on. Plus, it dries clear. BONUS! You wouldn’t want a chair that will turn yellow.

For my first furniture rehab, I am pretty proud of the job I did. These chairs will go up for sale in our booth, if not sooner in our online store (TBA). My yard may be filled with pallet wood waiting to become coffee tables and signs and other amazing things (as soon as it cools off a little), but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am enjoying creating from recycled materials, giving something that was no longer useful to someone new life.

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Thank you for reading….Amy