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Eventful August

Vindustrial- Driving Miz DaisyAmy and I were talking on the phone last night, as we do almost every night. It has always been great to have a good relationship with her and now to be producing the blog and Instagram together is even better. In fact we have met several other mother-daughter teams-one is Far Away Hood. They have a business making signs with metal letters and reclaimed wood that is going full steam ahead, giving them time together and a shared interest.

Vintique Alley- RiversideIt’s inspiring. Anyway, Amy and I were talking about August and all the flea markets and shows coming up so I thought I would give you guys an insight into our coming month. We try to plan it out so one of us at least hits the venues and stores we love so we can feed you pictures of the great booths out there. We are amazed at how talented these vendors are. We are constantly amazed at the quality. Hope to see you at some of these.

Double-check dates & places.

August 2016 Event Calendar

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Chalky chairs

I finally finished my chairs!!! I am very happy with the way they turned out. I think they look amazing. It was much more intensive that I thought it would be and a good lesson.

Trashed chairsFor those who follow our Instagram, you may recognize these chairs. For those who don’t (why not?), allow me to update you. I found these chairs on the curb. Immediately, I saw the potential in them. Elegant lines and sturdy construction. Ultimately, the 4 chairs became 3, one was missing a leg and I was unable to locate a replacement online. A pair for sale and one for my office.

Before and AfterNow rehabbing these was fun. Brush painting chalk paint into all these delicate lines, not so much. I think I painted them a total of 4 times. Paint. Sand. Paint. Sand. Gotta make sure that any drips are corrected, plus all the little surface drips and lines. So I think next time, I would spray paint a piece of furniture such as this. I will leave brush painting for a flater piece. I used Valspar’s “Her Dainties” chalk paint. Lowe’s will mix up it quick and it ran me about $23 for the quart. A little pricey, but it goes a long way.

For the cushions, I wanted a nice thick firm foam. I bought some great foam through Amazon (my favorite shopping place). Enough foam to cover 4 chairs, about $20 Tip: use an electric knife to cut the foam. It helps with a smooth even cut. Trace your seat first! I then wrapped the foam and seat base with a nice quilting foam. (Sorry- no pictures).

I choose some beautiful fabric to match the paint from Jo-Ann’s fabric.  (Download their app, they have the best coupons around.) I choose a nice upholstery fabric. I want to make sure it holds up against use and wear. Plus, it looks trendy and fits the paint color perfectly! I adore.Chairs

To finish it off, I used a spray on Matte Sealer by Krylon. I picked it up at Jo-Ann’s for a few dollars. This is a great product for sealing the chalk paint and preventing easy rub off, without the task of brushing it on. Plus, it dries clear. BONUS! You wouldn’t want a chair that will turn yellow.

For my first furniture rehab, I am pretty proud of the job I did. These chairs will go up for sale in our booth, if not sooner in our online store (TBA). My yard may be filled with pallet wood waiting to become coffee tables and signs and other amazing things (as soon as it cools off a little), but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am enjoying creating from recycled materials, giving something that was no longer useful to someone new life.

So, go check out our Instagram and see all the wonderful people we meet.

Thank you for reading….Amy

This Mantel of Mine


Finally finished my mantel redo. I wanted to post the picture of it the other day but I had a small whoops. I used a brush to wax it but I wanted a little more so I grabbed a cloth and started rubbing it in. It wasn’t until I stopped, stepped back to check it, that I realized I was using a red cloth. So then my white mantel was partially pink. As my friend Mike used to say, “you can’t fix stupid”. Luckily you can-sometimes. So I repainted that part and started waxing again-after a short wait. All of which put me into the next day and after my self-imposed deadline to post. Amy and I have been stretching our brains and bodies to learn to do new things, wood working, tearing apart pallets, sanding, painting-and in my case repainting. It is fun to learn these new skills but, not always easy. Amy stepped on a nail the other day. As she said then- “I am woman, hear me roar”. I think that’s a song not what you scream, instead of a four letter word when you are hurt or frustrated. But whatever works!
I wanted a wood applique-once again opened my mouth too soon. There was nothing in Lowes that would work. Hobby Lobby had a metal scroll piece which I bought. Too big. Michaels had a cute garland-too small. I sense a story here (3 Bears anyone?) But when I got home with all this stuff I bought I ended up not using any of it and instead found this metal strip of birds I bought at a flea market long ago. It was silver, I painted it white and brushed some blue over the birds. Done. ‘Course it doesn’t want to stay on the mantel, so Amy better get over here soon with the epoxy. Then it will be completely done.
Thanks for reading…Bonnie


Junk in the Trunk…

Junk in the Trunk MarketThis past weekend mom and hubby and I headed down to Liberty Station in San Diego for the Junk in the Trunk event. WOW!

It was an amazing market. We have been anxiously waiting for this market to come to California, and it was worth the wait! So many fabulous finds and great vendors. We were lucky enough to meet several new vendors from Arizona and see some of our old favorites.

Stacy Chriest at Vintage Addiction is one of my new favorites. Her booth was so colorful and fun. Her frames are painted in bright and trendy colors that draw you in. We bought a frame for our Ombré stair wall. Cannot wait until we can put it up with the perfect picture. You can find Stacy on Instagram.

Then we ran into Tracy and Valentina at Boarding House Broads! We first met them at The Vintage Marketplace at Galway Downs. Simply adore them and their fun spunky attitude. It was great to be able to get some more photos of their booth and give them some love.

Seeing old friends and meeting new ones is always the highlight of our adventures. Scoring the perfect ladders for the Christmas Village isn’t bad either. (That’s hubby smiling in the background) Watch for future blogs highlighting more vendors. Thanks for reading…..Amyimage

Vintage California Rocks

We finally made it to Vintage California and are we glad we did. Located at 305 E. Grove in the City of Orange, CA. it is like an indoor flea market (only a good one). It has individual booths for each vendor that are restyled and refreshed constantly. In fact we saw several vendors when we were there, working away. The store starts out with several huge outdoor light poles done in an aqua color in the first booth facing the front window. If I only had a place for one, what a statement in a backyard or driveway entrance they would make.  Vintage California

The City of Orange has a downtown circle, a roundabout, and many businesses are down there. It is such a beautiful place with lots of houses worth visiting, Victorian and bungalows abound. The neighborhoods are darling. We like to drive around just to look at them. Restaurants are all over the place and antique stores are on every block. One of our favorite stores we talk about a lot, Country Roads, is downtown. So plan to spend the day but don’t forget to wander over to Vintage California. It’s a short distance from the circle, maybe 5 minutes. It will be worth your visit.

Vintage CaliforniaWhile we were in Vintage California we were surprised to find a couple of our favorite vendors from flea markets are also selling in there. What a great idea to get your name and your treasures found. In fact we wanted to show you how a good dealer gets noticed and remembered so we included the shot of Anything Rustic’s booth. How to market yourself 101. Next we noticed Junk Yard Junky’s sign and booth. These girls know how to display! The other vendors did just as well. The whole time we were there we were saying “oh look at that” or “I need that”. We are so glad we found out about this place from our friend Maria, at Be U Accessories. That’s exactly how it should work, we should be telling each other about these great places, so they can stay in business. We keep saying “shop small business” and support these individuals. The phone number is 714-602-8998. Call them for hours and directions.

We will be going back. There’s this one thing I wanted….

Thanks for reading…Bonnie (and Amy)


I can’t believe they did that!

I frequently troll Pinterest, which leads me to troll other blogs and websites, which leads me to brilliant ideas (at least I think they are brilliant). It’s a slow (hot) week in my household and I am not progressing much with my painting. But, I did discover some great new ideas and of course great ideas must be shared. Please check out these artsy geniuses and send them some kudos.

5-minute-designer-knobs-apieceofrainbow-blog-22In my feed today, these beautiful colorful designer knobs showed up. I was instantly drawn to them. I though they were hand painted and wanted to see if the blogger Ananda would share her secrets. She did! Along with the download to the designs to create your own. I can’t believe how easy it is to take dull ordinary knobs and turn them into stunning pieces. Check out her how to here:

Next my trolling took me to a Baking Soda Dough recipe…what!?!? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Having taught preschool in a former life, I thought I had seen most all things, but this left me giddy. I had to print it out for the babysitter. I would love to see what Mr. T will make with them. Check out how cute they are:

rope-nautical-wreathOver at Nest for Less, Erin made an adorable Nautical themed wreath. Currently, we are decorating our home to be more coastal. (we live in a desert area and it’s hot and not very beachy) This wreath is so adorable and easy. Plus, she has printable, how-to’s, tips and tricks and so much more. See the wreath here:

And then I stumbled upon perhaps my most favorite. I am a huge fan of Tin Man Tailored Sweets BlogThe Wizard of Oz. I have books and figurines and little trinket boxes (not overboard- like my whole house is done up in it, but I do love it). So when I found this guy, I knew I wanted to see more. Tailored Sweets blog has an adorable post on a Wizard of Oz theme party. Lots of cute ideas. I wasn’t able to locate the owner of the blog, but she has fantastic ideas! As far as I can tell Dhalia Bridal is the blog owner. I hope she posts more soon!

As bloggers, artists, creators and pickers, it’s not always easy to be found. Part of the We’re Mad About mission is to spread the word. We do this by attending lots of flea markets and vintage venues. But, also through sharing here on our blog, and through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. It’s important to give recognition to those that work hard to grow their passion into a sustainable lifestyle and business. When we attend these markets and hear people say “I know who you are!” or they come out of their booths to give us hugs and tell us how happy they are to see us, it makes this more than just something that my mom and I share, it makes us happy. We want to see others succeed. There are so many talented people out there. They may have a knack for finding great vintage items (teach me, please) or painting beautiful works of art, making custom cuffs or fragrant candles from recycled bottles. The one thing we all have in common is courage and a heart for what we do. (see what I did there?) If you have something to share, feel free to email us and send us pictures. Is there a market we are missing? Let us know.


Thanks for reading….Amy

Mantel mania

I am getting started on my next project today. My mantel has been sitting here unpainted for 2 years.. I hate to admit that.  I searched and searched for one, deciding the ones I found were too ornate or large for my house.  I finally found the perfect one at King Richards Antiques in Whittier. Paid all of $60.00 for it. Then I brought it home and stared at it.  Still staring at it…

Annie Sloan Old White is my paint of choice since I have done other pieces of furniture with it that are currently in my front room. Sanding is a foreign word to me. There will be none of that done in my home!  So look at the picture of the mantel before I start and next week we can look at the finished one. Thinking about mantels made me look up some. Of course they are much more elaborate than mine. I guess I am more of a plain jane, trying to simplify things. Of course, I don’t even have a fireplace so no need to consider that. I just like the look of a mantel under my big screen tv to display holiday items, candles, etc. It is right across from the front door so it’s the first thing you notice when you come in (unless you notice the dust bunnies first–quit looking!).

Going to all these different flea markets and boutiques  and antique stores I have seen hundreds of mantels. It seems like most older homes had fireplaces, not as much now, especially in Calif. You can find them rescued from old houses, handmade, re-purposed, it’s amazing.. And the detail put into some of the mantels, there is every style you can think of, the variety is endless. Anything from plain jane to marble, wood, brick, carved, the choices go on and on. Here’s a few I found.

So paint brush and rollers ready  set  go!! Since I gave myself the time limit of next weeks blog, I guess I better get started. Wish me luck!!


Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Pallet gardens…

I’ve had a few pallets laying around my yard for weeks. Just waiting for the perfect project and the coveted pallet breaker. I finally ordered the pallet breaker and completed a project. Yay Me!

First, the pallet breaker. I love love love this thing. There are many to be found online and at different price points. I went for its and spent a little bit more than I had budgeted. Best decision. This is a strong well built tool. I brought it through Amazon and my husband put a strong hickory handle on it. It took me less than 5 minutes to break this pallet apart, with very little breakage of the boards. YAY! The boards from that pallet are destined for a coffee table.

Now onto the garden. Our new house needs some yard changes. For instance, the previous owner put all concrete and a big strip of rock, The concrete is great for entertaining and basketball. The rock… does not work for us at all. So I have no real garden space right now. Gardens are a part of my life. I wish I’d had more time to plant some container tomatoes. But, I will be happy with my little pallet garden.

I chose to put the herbs I use most in and some strawberries. YUM! The pallet garden was a pretty quick project, once we figured out the best way to fold and adhere thee fabric. I used Sta-Green landscape fabric that would allow room for the root systems to grow and water to drain as needed. We adhered the fabric to the wood using a staple gun. It worked perfectly, except I have a strong trigger finger and there might have been 3-5 staples for every one that my husband did. I call this making sure it’s strong. (That works, right?)

Next I used a good quality soil mix from Lowe’s, Sta-Green. This soil has the right nutrients to help the plants transition and get off to a good start. I filled the troughs with soil and the spaced the plants.Next, I dug the holes for each plant and trenaplanted. Some water and a little pep talk and WA-LA! The herbs and berries now have a new home.

The last thing to do was create a space to label the plants. I used chalkboard paint to create the area. Intitaaly, I thought that I would paint neat spaces and do some fancy writing. But, it’s a wonderful rustic piece, so I went with an artistic swipe of paint and then let the kiddo write the names in colored chalk and I have my pallet garden!!

I am so happy with the way it turned out. It’s exactly what I want.

I’m Mad About it….

Thanks for reading…Amy

We’re back with stories to tell

Soooo…we changed our blog plan and doing so screwed everything up. Has this happened to any of you? It’s still not the way we want, but you have to shake it off and just restart at some point. Sorry for the break.
Weekend plans for me include Savoir Faire on Sunday. It is at Cal State Fullerton in their parking lot, free entry and parking. It has become a favorite of mine because of the vendors. Most of them have been doing the flea market thing for a long time, they know their facts and they have actual antiques. It is growing each month and is absolutely worth going.
This past Sunday, Amy and I were able to get out for a few hours and went to Fountain Valley Vintage flea market which I just found out was also Trading Post 1908. Another hot day, but we found some vendors we knew and got to know some more. (And… I got another candle from Bougie Bottles.)
imagePlease go to our Instagram to check out more pictures of some of the booths. We were thrilled to meet Marah Johnson, she made us a spoon that says We’re Mad About. So very cool.

Don’t you hate it when you want to buy everything a vendor has? And, of course, you can’t. Not until I win the lottery at least.
Instagram has made us feel like we know all the vendors on there. It is wonderful to actually meet them and see their amazing pieces for sale. We have made alot of new friends and love getting to see them at different venues. The flag was made by Elegant Signs, we were happy to meet Wendi and David.

After Fountain Valley we went to Old Town Tustin Vintage Market where we got a chance to see Maria, whom we featured before. This lady never stops creating. She is at Tustin and Long Beach every month. Every single time I see her she is working on something new. Her vintage aprons are to die for. Be U Accessories is her booth, be sure to look her up. Then we went to lunch, thank you, air conditioning, and made our way to Orange on the way back. Country Roads-again! Such a variety of antiques and handmade items, it’s never boring or usual. And over to The Potting Shed by Carlisle. Love Love Love their stuff. The flag in the shape of Calif. is from them.  Both of these shops are on Chapman close to the circle. I think they are some of the best in Orange. That about did us in, so Amy dropped me at my car and we both went home, tired and happy. It’s always a good day when we can have an adventure together.


Happy 4th of July to all.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie