Hobbies galore…

How many hobbies do you have? Are we limited to one? Must we choose which creative appetite to feed? Personally, I have several now, and a few I abandoned. Once upon a time I was creating jewelry. Finding beads wherever I could, tearing apart other pieces to make new ones. Before that, I would hollow out eggs and paint them and add ribbons and jewels. I’m sure many of the never made it to Christmas morning, due to shipping. Candles. Soaps. Sewing. Designing. Interior decorating. As far back as I can remember, I have had the need to feed the creative juices.

About 10 years ago, I picked up knitting. A friend of mine was kind enough to sit with me for hours and hours and teach me. Knit. Purl. Double knit. Pass over stitch knit. My first big project was a sweater. It was my first actual project. Purple. I still love that I went after such a complex project. I made bunny blankets for my nephews. Baby booties for friends and co-workers. Drawstring bags for my nieces. Plus, lots of animals and scarves. I still love knitting, although I don’t get enough of a chance to it recently.

My current loves are upcycling, recycling, creating new pieces from old furniture and pallets. But, I also love my Sizzix machine and creating with it. A dear friend of mine from high school has me creating some custom invitations for a surprise party. The die we chose is intricate and delicate. It takes a fine touch to cut each out and poke out the little bits. When it comes time to applying them to the card stock, it will be a slow process using a fine tipped paintbrush. I was honored that she chose me to create these pieces for her special occasion.

In the last year, I also took up sketching and water coloring,which I found out my Great Grandmother and Great Aunts also did. In fact, I was gifted with a few of their pieces, which are so special to me. I pulled my sketch book out the other night and sat in my backyard working on a new piece. My husband was quite surprised when he saw it. He kept asking if I had drawn it. (I can still surprise him). My step-son (who is a true artist at a young age) and I spent about 2 hours sketching and water coloring. It was a nice time spent together.

So, I choose to have many creative hobbies. And work. And finishing my degree. And building this blog with mom. And building an empire Like a Girl Boss! Life is meant to be enjoyed and filled with what we love. It doesn’t matter if we find our creative streak later in life. Go find you creative side. Explore many types, enjoy the journey.

Thanks for reading…..Amy


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