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Hobbies galore…

How many hobbies do you have? Are we limited to one? Must we choose which creative appetite to feed? Personally, I have several now, and a few I abandoned. Once upon a time I was creating jewelry. Finding beads wherever I could, tearing apart other pieces to make new ones. Before that, I would hollow out eggs and paint them and add ribbons and jewels. I’m sure many of the never made it to Christmas morning, due to shipping. Candles. Soaps. Sewing. Designing. Interior decorating. As far back as I can remember, I have had the need to feed the creative juices.

About 10 years ago, I picked up knitting. A friend of mine was kind enough to sit with me for hours and hours and teach me. Knit. Purl. Double knit. Pass over stitch knit. My first big project was a sweater. It was my first actual project. Purple. I still love that I went after such a complex project. I made bunny blankets for my nephews. Baby booties for friends and co-workers. Drawstring bags for my nieces. Plus, lots of animals and scarves. I still love knitting, although I don’t get enough of a chance to it recently.

My current loves are upcycling, recycling, creating new pieces from old furniture and pallets. But, I also love my Sizzix machine and creating with it. A dear friend of mine from high school has me creating some custom invitations for a surprise party. The die we chose is intricate and delicate. It takes a fine touch to cut each out and poke out the little bits. When it comes time to applying them to the card stock, it will be a slow process using a fine tipped paintbrush. I was honored that she chose me to create these pieces for her special occasion.

In the last year, I also took up sketching and water coloring,which I found out my Great Grandmother and Great Aunts also did. In fact, I was gifted with a few of their pieces, which are so special to me. I pulled my sketch book out the other night and sat in my backyard working on a new piece. My husband was quite surprised when he saw it. He kept asking if I had drawn it. (I can still surprise him). My step-son (who is a true artist at a young age) and I spent about 2 hours sketching and water coloring. It was a nice time spent together.

So, I choose to have many creative hobbies. And work. And finishing my degree. And building this blog with mom. And building an empire Like a Girl Boss! Life is meant to be enjoyed and filled with what we love. It doesn’t matter if we find our creative streak later in life. Go find you creative side. Explore many types, enjoy the journey.

Thanks for reading…..Amy

Weekend Whirl

Tallulah's at The Vintage Marketplace

Tallulah’s at The Vintage Marketplace

If you see our Instagram and read our blog you know where we went last weekend, the Vintage Marketplace in Temecula on Saturday. Sunday I also went to the Montrose Arts & Crafts festival which had over 300 vendors and from there stopped at Pasadena City College flea market since it was on the way home. What a weekend. Throw in a family birthday party Sat pm and it was full. Pasadena was so hot we didn’t stay too long but I love going there. It’s free except $2.parking and it is getting bigger all the time. I usually go to Savoir Faire in Fullerton the first weekend and will be back there again in July but I have to sneak in PCC every once in awhile. Pasadena has alot of vendors with vinyl record albums-raise your hand if you still love the Beatles!! It is a nice setting too. Vendors with antiques, lots of home decor items, old jewelry, handmade stuff-it feels like the old swap meets. They get the traffic too-lots and lots of people there, even with the heat. Part of it is in the parking garage which is nice to cool off in.

At Montrose, Flea Market Flair

At Montrose, Flea Market Flair

Montrose was a nice change. It is once a year,this was the 33rd, and their artists  had new and handmade items. Their website is if you want to check for the next one. There is a booth I loved from Flea Market Flair. This lady, Michelle, has a professional setup and her handmade bags are beautiful. Very unique and I want one. Why why why don’t I buy when I see something great? I will catch up with her again because she wants to be a vendor at Driving Miz Daisy-no secret it is my favorite venue. Michelle’s website is Don’t you love it when someone commits to their business and has a stunning booth and display? It says two things to me,one-that their crafts for sale are excellent and two-that they care to take the time and spend the dollars to promote themselves. Because that’s what it is, self promotion and it takes guts to get out and do it. Bravo to Michelle, she does it well.

We ran into Yolanda at B Street Junky at The Vintage Marketplace too. I had met her at Trading Post 1908. She has a warehouse in Ontario, CA., where she is going to be having a sale. Her email is and phone 909 786-5603, she is on Instagram and Facebook too. Interesting choices of vintage items.

B Street Junky at The Vintage Mareketplace

B Street Junky at The Vintage Marketplace

We are slowly getting started on Twitter. I need my 12 year old granddaughter to give me a tutorial, and Amy isn’t much more knowledgeable but we’ll get there. I call it building new brain cells, I think my old ones are worn out! Anyway check us out there too.

This weekend I hope to get to Inspired Market Saturday here in Rancho Cucamonga where I live. It is so great because every place I normally go is over 30 miles away. Then on Sunday, of course, Driving Miz Daisy. I hope to see some of the faces we met at The Vintage Marketplace. I hope everyone is so busy we can only wave-good selling to all of you!!

Thanks for reading…Bonnie



Several weeks ago, I discovered Vindustrial Supply Co., at Driving Miz Daisy. I immediately fell in love with an amazing green hutch and desperately wanted to bring it home, but we were in the middle of a major move and weren’t sure where it would fit. Pop over to Instagram where I post a picture of the lovely piece and I discover the vendor. Excited? I was. image

Over the last few weeks, I had chatted a little with Vindustrial’s owners, Bow and Sharon. The nicest people, ever! They were kind enough to answer a few of my questions about where they found the piece and their “picking”. Which for a newbie like I, is a great benefit. They even shared the pictures of the green hutch from when they discovered it in a barn. (I need to hitchhike with them next time they go).

imageThis past (very hot) weekend, mom (Bonnie) and I visited The Vintage Marketplace at Galway Downs in Temecula. If you get to Southern California during a marketplace weekend, GO! Anyway, Vindustrial supply Co. was there and we finally got to meet them in person. Bow was warm and welcoming and Sharon was genuinely excited to meet us as well. I felt special. :0)



We all chatted for a few minutes and I snapped some pictures of their booth. They have a constantly changing inventory of unique and diverse items. I feel in love with these corbels, they are simply amazing. image

There was a collection of ornate frames and salvaged wood and windows that could be used in a pretty amazing furniture piece.

Check out their business on Instagram vindustrial_supply_co and Etsy. They attend Driving Miz Daisy and Vets Long Beach, in addition to running their Warehouse 20 in Arizona and hunting down their amazing finds. They specialize in Mid-century Modern, Vintage, Antiques and Collectibles. This is a company that also believes in the rare trait of Trading. image

Vindustrial Supply Co where “Everything and Everyone has a story to tell”.

Can’t wait to see what they find next!


Thanks for reading……Amy

Somethingborrowed somethingvintage

imageFound another great shop!!  New to me only because I don’t get to that part of Yorba Linda often. This one I wish I had discovered before because, I love love love all their inventory. Unique furniture is only the start. The armoire is to die for. Beautifully done and with a matching bed-see picture on our Instagram. They give classes with Annie Sloan chalk paint-one is a chair transformation and one a sign workshop. I will be taking one for sure.

imageI came upon the shop when we were down at The Inspired Market which was in the same parking lot. Their address is 18206 Imperial Hwy, Yorba Linda. Phone is 714-366-7117. This is the first time I have been to the market.  I will be at the next ones, both here and Rancho Cucamonga, because I loved the vendors. Talk about nice and friendly. You know how when you go to flea markets and swap meets and specialty boutiques often, you get to know the ones who are glad you stopped by. They say hello when you approach, they give you details about their inventory, they aren’t upset if you don’t buy from them everytime-those are the vendors I remember and will buy from the next time. Sometimes you have to think about what you need or want and let it sink in and then you make your purchase. Case in point-Bougie Bottles. Love her cute sign, love candles, love her display but I saw her booth 4-5 times before I bought a candle. (Hits self on forehead!) I have been burning it for 2 days straight, I love it so much. Hint-mine is very vanilla!  Anyway great vendors, very informative about how they create.

Back to somethingborrowed somethingvintage. I talked it up so much I convinced Amy to take a class with me. She lives in the Temecula area, now which is a little bit of a haul. They also have a material shop in there with the most amazing fabrics. It’s as if they read my mind on what I like. They have classes too. Here is a picture of an apron and the wall of materials.  image

It is so satisfying to see shops like these. For awhile with the bad economy they were disappearing and it was so sad for all the owners and vendors. We go all around So. Calif. seeking these entrepreneurs. If you know of other shops we haven’t covered on our blog or our Instagram please use the comment section to let us know. We love small business, would like to have one someday and want to do our bit to let you guys know about these talented hard workers.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie