Treasures n Junk


Treasures n Junk



I had forgotten about this store for awhile and I’m glad I dropped in there today so I could tell you guys about it. It’s at 215 S. San Antonio in Ontario Ca. Phone is 909 983-3300. It is a consignment store filled with many booths and a great outdoor area. That’s where I saw those huge blue letters. So cool.

Then I wandered around inside and found this bed redone with Paint and Paddles-according to the sign. Love it, someone did a great job. The booths are all individual, there is quite a collection of painted furniture, lots of original metal signs and odds and ends. Some of the booths were similar to the one shown space 30, done so cute in all pink stuff. Some had more vintage items than others, some had old machinery and gas station pumps. There is so much stuff men would like, that helps to  make it a trip for the whole family. Old books, game boards,toys,car club signs and license plates abound.

Be sure to go outside to the patio-like area with fake store fronts like a sheriff and a pony express office. Lots of old patio furniture waiting to be saved, maybe repainted and new cushions. I saw a collection of fire hydrants, an old bird bath, several metal chairs, bikes, pumps, stained glass-you name it they have it. Fun place to spend a couple of hours, dreaming about all the old stuff, and a great place to finish off your collection of ???

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  1. Nice that sounds like a cool spot to visit this weekend

  2. thanks Chris, is that an invitation?

  3. I love this store, I got a table there.