Ever since I discovered creating with salvaged parts, I see inspiration everywhere. Seeing piles of pallets excites me. I’ve always saved lengths of ribbon from packages and reused it. Lined my drawers with the beautiful gift wrap from my aunts and grandmother.Being green is reusing, repurposing and I think it’s the nostalgia that draws me to it.

Now that upcycled items and pallets are part of amazing project ideas,and I see them weekly at all the swap meet and flea markets we go to, I am drawn in even more. Our new home has beautiful hardwood floors and we have concept ideas for the changes we want to make. One of those changes is to build barn doors for an office and bathroom. Of course I want to use pallets and so have been researching styles and wood cuts and stains. We recently visited the one of the antique malls in Old Town Temecula, and were inspired by a section of old tools. Our thought is to use one of the tools as a door handle for my husbands new office.

Last week I picked up a set of chairs from the curb. A first for me. But, they have gorgeous legs and backs. I’ve been searching for a replacement leg for one of the chairs without luck, so I think I will repurpose them. I plan to build a coffee table with 4 of the legs and an old window. I will build a bench with the backs of the chairs. See, inspiration!  The pictures below are giving me more ideas. I just have to learn more about wood working! Now where is my husband/teacher????

Thanks for reading….Amy



  1. shirley says:

    nice blog-I like the stories