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black dog

Black Dog Salvage Roanoke Virginia


Pasadena Architectural Salvage

I love finding salvage stores. I have been tracking them down online everywhere I can think of: Pinterest, Instagram and googling different keywords to find them. The plan is to eventually get out of town and visit some in other states. Road Trip anyone? So here are my 3 list toppers of the biggest and the best.

1-Everyone has seen their tv show, Salvage Dawgs, now for their shop. It’s called Memorial Bridge Marketplace,in Roanoke Virginia. Wow! This is a outlet for vendors and how cool would it be to have your creations in there? Black Dog Salvage itself does some high end projects from churches to old houses to barns. These owners have it all figured out, some of those pieces are not easy to get to or get out. Plus the guys are funny, which always gets me interested. It’s on the list for sure.

2-Architectural Salvage in Louisville Kentucky. Might as well see the country if we’re dreaming. I have been stalking this place for awhile. The pictures they have up on Pinterest are always well done and draw your interest.

3-This one I know I will make it to. I already have. Pasadena Architectural Salvage is close to me and I have posted pictures of their beautiful wares on Instagram. I intend to go back and actually  buy a few items. The original hardware that they carry is so detailed it puts the newer ones to shame. Buildings were done with such detail back 80-90 or more years ago, when you look at places now most of them do not have the charm and character of older ones. Great store just to go in and stare. That’s allowed but I’m sure buying is welcomed too. They were very nice as we wandered through. I love a store that notices when someone walks in and says a quick hello.

Those start off my list, I will post some more in a later blog. Let us know if you have a favorite.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie