Pallet Projects


We were at Driving Miz  Daisy last week and started noticing all the items made with pallets. It is amazing!!! We have a board on our Pinterest page so we can pin and go back and drool over some of these wonderful ways to reuse, basically, old boards. Go look at it, you’ll be surprised at all the different projects. It’s very rewarding when you think that before this movement got going, alot of these pallets were just rotting away somewhere. Granted millions of them get reused for storage but they all come to the end of their life at some point. Oh, but now that’s not true. That’s where we all come in-making new furniture, being green and helping save our planet, moving commerce along by buying these items  and, not the least, making a living for some of you. Not us—yet!!



So we picked out a few of the projects that we thought were a little different. We’ve all seen the tables and the wine racks and the flags, not that they aren’t fantastic, but these ideas are expanding past the first ideas that came on the scene.



designspiration for Bow Arts show

On our Instagram page-yes we are everywhere-we have made contact with some inspired entrepreneurs who use pallets. Wow!  We only wish hope and pray we get as good as them. It is really an honor to see the workmanship. We will be highlighting some of the people we have met through Instagram in later blogs. What a great community it is. We have come across people that, honestly, we never would have come in contact with before Instagram. We get a chance to see the talent from all over the world. It expands past where we can physically go. And the ideas are sooooo good.

We think the swing is so clever. We only need a big tree branch and it would be in both our yards. How relaxing and fun to go back a few years ( a few???) and remember long summer days outside. And the sign!! How great is it, highlighting exactly what you want customers to “get” at your venue, so smart. We are definitely taking notice. Congrats to all of you.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy




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    so cool, I want a swing too

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