Girls can play with hammers too….

Guess who tore apart her first pallet tonight? This girl! It’s seriously hard work. I broke a few boards. But, I can still use them for other projects. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally be at a point where the house is put together enough to do projects.

The right tools make a HUGE difference in time and sweat. But, I feel pretty good about the work I did. I found a pallet breaker online for about $80, haven’t been able to find it in a store yet. So for tonight, I used a crowbar, rubber mallet, hammer, and gloves. It’s important to practice safety. If you don’t have the right tools, borrow them. Like I did. From the husbands workbench.

Back to my excitement. Let me be honest, it was not an easy task. There is a lot of hammering involved. The thin end of the crowbar must go under the board and be tapped in far enough to lift the nail. The nails are twisted, so they really grab the wood. This makes it difficult to lift and is also what keeps the pallets strong.

Even though a few boards broke, but I was able to get enough good boards for my project. (Stay tuned to next weeks blog, it’s a surprise and an original) They are fairly straight and in good shape. My next steps will be to sand and stain them. I am considering the steel wool and vinegar stain, which I will start tonight. Being that most pallets are made from pine, it may not darker up much. If that’s true with this pallet wood, I may go over it with another stain, until I get my desired result.  image







I ended up with some great nails that I will reuse for my project. This is a tribute to my grandmother. When she married my grandfather, they built their first house from wood they reclaimed from an old ranger station in Big Bear. They took it down board by board, she straighten all the nails and they brought it back to the Rosemead area. This was in the era just after World War 2, when there was very little available in terms of wood and steel. Very special story to me. She has always been an inspiration. And feisty. I inherited that. image

Besides the nails and boards, I ended up with a nice little pile of kindling to start the campfire on my next camping trip. Scheduled for Never. I don’t camp.

Thanks for reading…Amy