Chalk it up to good taste…

imageThis past weekend we took a trip out to Old Town Tustin to visit their flea market. The market is sponsored by Whimzy, a cute little store with a collection of finds ranging from sparkly to just the right odd piece for your project. They offer classes too. Whimzy’s hours are limited to the 4th Sunday of the month. Same day and time as the Vintage fleamarket of Old Town Tustin. It’s a small venue, but with fabulous finds!

I met some great vendors at this market. Rina at Rustic and Refined had some wonderful antique pieces, including a bed frame that I just knew my mom would want for a bench….. Sure enough, she tried to get my husband to bring it home. I loved the way Rina had her booth set up. Very eye catching and chic and simply adorable. Find her on Instagram at rusticandrefined_vintage

Junkyard Junky-Kathi Williams recently started with Tustin fleamarket, she has carefully selected pieces that would make incredible accents in any home.  She had a window that would work well for any project, it was wood and lightweight. Then she had some adorable metal hearts. I’ve been wanting one of these, but with unpacking still to do, I’m not sure where it would go. So, I will keep it for a day when I need to spoil myself. Find her at Junkyardjunky on Instagram.

Our last stop was a meet and greet with Timi Morales. She owns Shabby Antiques. She had some great eclectic pieces that I couldn’t get enough of! From chalk boards to ‘Lucy’ signs. She had a  beautiful rustic chandelier with crystals that needs to hang in my home office (because, who doesn’t need a chandelier in their office?) What a great personality too! She and Bonnie got along perfectly. Find her at wiked_girlie on IG.

This is a definite to add to your fleamarket stops. Armstrong Gardens is across the street and with the great shops and restaurants down there, you can make a day of it!

Thanks for reading ……Amy


  1. Lol I love going around to shops and places like that. You find such cool things to look at and remind you of past stories 🙂