Urban Barn

You may recall I wrote about this store in Escondido briefly a few weeks ago. Well I loved it so much, I had to go back. They have an incredible shop that is always getting new items in. If I were a wedding planner, I would stock up with luscious vintage decor. image

Owners Robin, Linda, and Steve work hard to keep the shop content fresh and charmingly displayed. The creativity of this shop oozes out the front door to the sidewalk….once a month for their flea market! What fun! Please be sure to go visit and support local business. These three are so welcoming and work hard. Let’s help them grow! I’m doing my part.

imageThis trip I met my mom (Bonnie) down there and showed her around the shop. Of course she loved it! She picked up a piece of that wonderful barn wood,just like the piece I used for Rusty Wood and Pebbles, and a metal star for an upcoming project. I wish I had a whole side of that barn. The color of this piece is just magical. I didn’t come away empty-handed , I did pick up more of the metal strips. I have projects in mind for those!

Back to the shop. Did I mention they have a full size barn built in the back room? Squeal! Talk about rustic and chic. This time there was a gorgeous mantel inside. I wanted to snatch it up and bring it home, but I have a rule about having projects in mind. (I’d be willing to bypass the rule with this piece-just have to convince my husband that we do in fact have room for it). There was also a vintage chandelier hanging from the barn beams. When the light shines through, it creates a hazy  filtered romantic atmosphere.


The outside of Urban Barn is filled with vintage doors, windows, and furniture. A true Mecca for those who love large pieces. They still have that fun camper piece in two color schemes! Remember all that white metal outdoor furniture we had growing up? Guess what?  We should have held onto it. It’s making a come back. I kept saying to my mom, “we should have kept all that stuff!”.


This trip did give birth to a new project. My husband and I have been wanting a coffee table with a glass top we could display items under. Well, I am on the hunt for the perfect old window and table legs. I am going to make one! Stay tuned…..


Thanks for reading…..Amy  image




  1. what a cool place, wish it was near me