Rusty Can’t Be Art?

A few weeks ago I picked up some great fencing. The boards were already cut and assembled to form a blank canvas, but you could easily put a few boards together. I also found some great rusty letters, so I grabbed the letters needed to spell our family name. I do not really have these type of rusty pieces in the house, so this was a new adventure.  image

It was a simple project, which is great when you want a quick gift or quick project to kick start your creative juices. Most any hardware store has letters and numbers that you can pick up and “rust”. Yes, you can “rust” metal yourself for an amazing vintage look. This is a quick fix, if you simply cannot find the pieces you need.

To rust your items gather vinegar, salt, and hydrogen peroxide, a big tub to put it all in. Soak the pieces in vinegar for about a day, switch a few times during the soak time. Pour off and add the salt and peroxide, let sit for about 8 hours, checking a few times. It may take longer or not as long depending upon the look you desire.  Pour off and let dry. TA-DA! image

To attach the letters, I had wanted to use clear silicone. However; I couldn’t find it. Honest! They had it in a bunch of colors, but not clear -adhesive-silicone. So, I grabbed Gorilla Glue Epoxy. If you choose to use Gorilla Glue, this stuff is legit, so BE CAREFUL! You don’t want to end up we walking around explaining why you have the letter T stuck to your hand. Although…conversation starter!!

Arrange your letters, numbers, symbols, etc as you like. Once you have the design you are looking for, CAREFULLY, (remember Gorilla Glue) use a disposable applicator to apply small dabs of the epoxy to the rusted pieces that will be adhered to the wood. Allow to dry, per package instructions.

Final step: Show off your new designer masterpiece and get ready for the orders and requests to flow in.  image

Ours will be displayed at the new home. I’m looking forward to be finished with moving, because I have 3 projects on hold until we are done.

Thanks for reading, please share your thoughts in the comments….Amy