Rustic wood and pebbles

This project was probably one of my favorites to date.  It was my first time working with rustic wood and metal, natural products that I actually gathered myself. If you recall from my post a couple of weeks ago I was on vacation in the San Diego area,  and stumbled upon the Urban Barn in Escondido. This great little vintage shop had the barn built-in the back room.  This is where I picked up most of the materials for today’s project.

This project was inspired by some of the pallet projects from a previous post. That project is still to come, as we had a slew of things take place, the water heater decided to fail and flood the garage and part of the house, add the clean up of that mess to baseball, work, school and you’ve got a pallet that still sitting in your garage. That’s OK now I’ve got a second pallet on the way and that opens up the possibility of really creating that chest.

Moving forward while on vacation, we visited some of our favorite beaches and one of our favorite pastimes is to collect shells and beach pebbles.  I love the multitude of colors that you can find, and frequently display the shells in large clear cases around my home.

I started off by lightly and gently sweeping the board free of debris. I  was tempted to spray a clear coat on to the pebbles but I really like the natural look of them.  I adhered the metal band into the same lines that they had previously been in, utilizing a clear silicone.  After weighing that down and allowing it to dry, I then took my pebbles and arranged them into the shape that I wanted.  This time I used a stronger clear silicone to adhere each individual pebble. image

I let this dry for about an hour and then stood back to take a look at this wonderful new piece of art I had created. I might be bragging a bit here, but I absolutely adore this project. It doesn’t bother me that the wood wasn’t cut straight or that one of the bands was originally glued at an angle or that the paint is chipping off the old barn wood siding.  I just love the way that the project turned out and the history behind it.  Once upon a time that wood was on the side of someone’s barn. They raised their horses or cattle in that barn or stored their grains and farm machines under the shelter.  It had a vital part to the daily function and history of that family, and now for my family. We found that wood and that metal strip, and together we collected those pebbles on the beaches on our vacation, so our memories definitely became a part of this piece.
imageThis is a great piece because it can be propped  again a wall or hung. It could even be put into a frame with an open front and used as a centerpiece on a wall.

I’m definitely headed back down to the Urban Barn to collect some more of these materials.  I plan on making a few more of these and now I’m inspired to open a store. Not the large brick-and-mortar stores that you can see while strolling through a beach town I’m not there yet.  But, I do see an online store in the near future. I’m fortunate to live in an area where I can find these materials and I just want to share these types of projects with those who may not live in a place that has these materials available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed creating the project for this post. Please leave some comments below, send us feedback, we love hearing from our readers. It’s important to us that we bring you material that you love to read.

Thanks for reading….Amy



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