Rose Bowl Dreams, flea market wishes

This weekend we are headed for Escondido. Get around, don’t we!  Amy has been to a store there, Urban Barn, bought stuff for her last project and loved it. Saturday and Sunday they are having a flea market outside and we are anxious to see all the great ideas their sellers have. It is located  at 404 E. Grand, phone 760 233 0900. They rent space to over 30 vendors inside also. Amy  bought barn wood and metal straps and showed it all off in her last blog. The picture below is off their facebook. Picture credit given to the store. Just looking at the sign makes me want to go there. I will take pictures of as many vendors and their stuff as I can and put them up next week. Doesn’t it look cool? I love it when you love the store before you even get in the door.


Last Sunday we went to the Rose Bowl again. God I love that place. So many cool vendors. Couldn’t spend too much money, as usual.


So I bought this poor baby. Pretty clear what I am going to do with it? Well, I’m not sure. If you can’t tell it is an old table with no top. (old and no top on-I think I have had that nightmare!) I want to replace the missing top but haven’t made up my mind what to use. I saw three of these tables at the Rose Bowl in carts before I found mine so other people are thinking of the possibilities also. I thought about yardsticks and even bought one but I’m not sure. Barn or pallet wood is in the running too.

Other events this weekend

If you are looking for a good swap meet also on the calendar this weekend are the Glendale swap meet, Melrose in Los Angeles and Long Beach Antique Market. It’s hard to choose. I have been to all of them, they are all long running excellent venues. If we weren’t going to Urban Barn I would probably pick Glendale. It’s not as big as others but I have always been able to score a treasure there. There is always a swap meet somewhere. I love it that since we started the blog I have found many more and I will keep sharing them with you.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie