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Trading Post 1908

IMG_0393.JPGA Picture says a thousand words!!

I’m a trash pickin’ kind of gal

No, not really-well not usually. I live in a place where people will often place unwanted items by the mailboxes. Just small stuff like magazines or baskets or shoes that didn’t fit but once in awhile there is something I find interesting. This week I came across a silver tray. I had one at home waiting for me to paint, so I grabbed this one too. It’s the oval one on the right. A little worse for wear, a little pitted-sounds like me!

IMG_0367 Decided I better get to work on my new find and one of my old ones. I painted both of the trays with chalk paint, two coats. Be sure to wait for it to dry. On the oval one I got out a stencil and I like how it turned out. A little clear wax smooths it out and finishs it off. On the other one I found a pink metal heart in my stash to glue on. It makes a cute tray for pins and jewelry. I hung the oval one on my bedroom wall, I’m a fiend for blue so it goes right in.FullSizeRender.jpg


The paint is Annie Sloan-Old White and her clear wax. The wax hides the paint lines and feels nice to the touch. The stencil is from Hobby Lobby, the metal heart-isn’t it cool?-came from a flea market a long time ago. I feel good about reusing this stuff. I think the salvage, reused, repurposed way of life we are heading toward is wonderful. Next week when I show pictures from Trading Post 1908, where I will be Saturday, will be a window into how big this direction has gotten. When you think of all the stuff we throw away and don’t take the time to figure out another way to use it, honestly it’s depressing. I am trying to find more ways to reuse craft items like scrapbook paper and embellishments to use up the 5 million pieces I have. More blogs about that later. Anyway for a quick present or a present for yourself try painting an old tray-it doesn’t get thrown out and you feel good. What could be wrong with that?

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Junking in the Rain-No way!




Just as we had a great weekend planned it starts raining. Hopefully for Sunday the weatherman is wrong since we plan to go to the Rose Bowl. It’s all out in the open there, wet weather or not. The Rose Bowl is my number one choice, it has everything you could ever want or need. Love Love Love that flea market.

However Saturday two events are going to be postponed if it rains (and its going too).  So I got online and looked up Trading Post 1908. We have been there once at Angel Stadium and loved it. This Saturday it is at Anaheim Convention Center, 2695 E. Katella in Anaheim. Close to Disneyland. The hours are 8-4 but the best part is it is indoors! I checked their facebook and sure enough someone else had already asked the question. I think we were unsure because it was in the parking lot at Angel Stadium. Hooray! I don’t mind a little rain but hours of walking in it is a little depressing.

So next Friday my blog will be on our visit to Trading Post 1908-cool name too. I promise to take lots of pictures and collect lots of business cards and flyers. Junking in the rain-I’m in if it’s indoors!

San Diego Savvy…

This past week I vacationed in the San Diego area. I simply love the fresh air and sand on my toes, little did I know there were many great up-cycle shops to explore too!

It started off with a show. Salvage Dawgs on DIY Network. If you haven’t seen the show, basically they go out and rescue architectural features from business, churches, old homes that are destined to be torn down. They then up-cycle these into beautiful pieces of furniture or sell to collectors and artists.

We decided to see if we could find a similar shop in Southern California. Of Course we did!!!! We found several and it so happens there were a few in the area we were vacationing in.

We started off at Archtecutal Salvage in the Little Italy part of San Diego. This shop is located at 2401 Kettner Blvd., San Diego. From the outside to the upstairs there are many treasures and if we had more room, I would have brought many wonderful things home!

 They have beautiful columns, sweet angels, antique watering cans, and door plates to match a home built in the 1800’s to name just a few.

I had so much fun in this shop. So many wonderful trinkets and ideas just waiting for someone to breathe life into them.

The next day we found Builders Trading Co, in San Marcos. They are located at 1945 S. Rancho Santa Fe Rd.  It does have a lot of windows and doors from construction sites. Mostly those that were improperly ordered or where the customer changed their mind, but it had some interesting finds too.

Artwork, chandeliers, 100 year old Ranchero doors made into coffee tables, complete with square nails. So cool!!

Baldemar knows his shop and what amazing finds are stored where. He was showing us unique finds and developing ideas for rustic interior barn doors.

Last stop of the day was Urban Barn in Escondido. 404 E. Grand Ave. They have a full size barn built into their back room!! It’s enormous. I ended up finding the antique ladder I had been searching for. Additionally, I found some old barn siding and a metal band to put across it. I loved this shop and all the cool finds.

If you are ever down San Diego way, make a point of stopping by these shops. They work hard and are creating an amazing space for those of us that collect and create.

Thanks for reading…. Amy

Savoir Faire

Yeah, we made it to Savoir Faire today! Just as I suspected this flea market is growing rapidly. More booths this month than last, great vendors, friendly people. The address is 115 S. Harbor Fullerton, at the college, first Sunday of each month. Free admission, free parking. Our friend, Maria, sells there and speaks highly of the venue. With Fullerton being a college town there are many great restaurants also.I bought a couple of cotton dish towels with beautiful graphics. One of them I am going to use for the back of an old window, the other maybe cover a footstool. Pinterest-here I come. You guys-try to get to Savoir Faire-next one is May 1st.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie



Just Hanging Around

Last December I was looking for a project for Christmas presents. I wanted them to be different and to be remembered. I was rearranging things in my storage yesterday and I found an extra one I kept for me ( can’t leave me out).  Then I remembered that my son bought me the plant in a globe for my birthday and I think it is perfect. I couldn’t even kill it! I did stick the deer in because it added to the setting.  This is an easy way to
get plants in your house even if you aren’t a gardener. All it takes is some soil, a couple of succulents, and some moss. I spray some water on it once a week and it hangs in my living room. Proof not everything I touch dies.IMG_0348.JPG


So I thought I would try using my globe a little differently. I had some antique Christmas ornaments from the  Mercantile Flea Market in Fullerton, (remember it’s this weekend) and I wanted to use them. So I stole some snow from my Dept. 56 collection and got started. 3 minutes later I was done. My kind of project. See it on the left. I used E6000 to keep it in place and a sprig of pine to set it off.

Think of all the way you can use these globes. Maybe a babys picture with a little rattle, or a heart for Valentines Day, or a bird for spring. You can hang them or set them on a table, all for about $5.00-shhh, don’t tell my family that’s all I spent!