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Temecula Travels


Temecula Calif.

Today was Temecula day. We love going there and this was one of the antique stores we visited. It is full of things I want. It starts with the front window having a chair redone in chenille. ( sorry no picture). They have everything from little end tables to teapots and teacups to shabby chic hutches. I was impressed with the booth about plaster paint. It is run by Sweet Peas Charm, cute name, and they hold classes there.There were examples of different finishes in their booth and simple instructions. Pretty cool place altogether. We visited several shops we will blog about in future weeks but this was one of the best. Be sure to drop by before you go wine tasting out there. Beautiful area! And is the front of the shop perfect for an antique store or what?

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy

Rusty Can’t Be Art?

A few weeks ago I picked up some great fencing. The boards were already cut and assembled to form a blank canvas, but you could easily put a few boards together. I also found some great rusty letters, so I grabbed the letters needed to spell our family name. I do not really have these type of rusty pieces in the house, so this was a new adventure.  image

It was a simple project, which is great when you want a quick gift or quick project to kick start your creative juices. Most any hardware store has letters and numbers that you can pick up and “rust”. Yes, you can “rust” metal yourself for an amazing vintage look. This is a quick fix, if you simply cannot find the pieces you need.

To rust your items gather vinegar, salt, and hydrogen peroxide, a big tub to put it all in. Soak the pieces in vinegar for about a day, switch a few times during the soak time. Pour off and add the salt and peroxide, let sit for about 8 hours, checking a few times. It may take longer or not as long depending upon the look you desire.  Pour off and let dry. TA-DA! image

To attach the letters, I had wanted to use clear silicone. However; I couldn’t find it. Honest! They had it in a bunch of colors, but not clear -adhesive-silicone. So, I grabbed Gorilla Glue Epoxy. If you choose to use Gorilla Glue, this stuff is legit, so BE CAREFUL! You don’t want to end up we walking around explaining why you have the letter T stuck to your hand. Although…conversation starter!!

Arrange your letters, numbers, symbols, etc as you like. Once you have the design you are looking for, CAREFULLY, (remember Gorilla Glue) use a disposable applicator to apply small dabs of the epoxy to the rusted pieces that will be adhered to the wood. Allow to dry, per package instructions.

Final step: Show off your new designer masterpiece and get ready for the orders and requests to flow in.  image

Ours will be displayed at the new home. I’m looking forward to be finished with moving, because I have 3 projects on hold until we are done.

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Rusty Gypsy


First of all I love their name. Second the owners are so nice and knowledgeable. The store has recently moved from their teeny tiny storefront around the corner to this huge space. It’s at 229 S. Second Street, Upland, Ca. Their phone is 909-908-6236. To describe it I would say salvage rustic repurposed reused painted vintage home decor. It’s my kind of store. All my keywords for Instagram are there!

They carry CeCe Caldwell clay and chalk paint, the only store to do so in San Bernardino county. If you don’t know this brand you are in for a treat. It’s naturally green, non toxic. In fact they use it to redo cribs. The store carries a huge variety of colors-you can see some of the colors in my pictures of furniture there. And the paint is made in the good old USA . And they offer classes-next one is May 15th.

These are just a few of the pictures I took to give you an idea of the work being done here. We all need to support small businesses like this. I’m trying to do my part buying when I find a piece I need and spreading the word. I had such a good time just browsing in the store. I’m so happy because it is near me. I’m in Rancho Cucamonga, Amy is in Murrieta so you can see we drive far and wide to take in all these stores, flea markets, and faires. Seeing them is wonderful and telling you guys about them even better. Thus the blog was born. I hope you enjoy it and keep reading it because both Amy and I are having fun with this.

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Urban Barn

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A glimpse of Urban Decor

FullSizeRender.jpgCoolest clock ever!  Urban Decor 112 S. Main

in Lake Elsinore. Love the workmanship on this. Very creative and unique. Watch for more blogs on this shop and this area.

Rose Bowl Dreams, flea market wishes

This weekend we are headed for Escondido. Get around, don’t we!  Amy has been to a store there, Urban Barn, bought stuff for her last project and loved it. Saturday and Sunday they are having a flea market outside and we are anxious to see all the great ideas their sellers have. It is located  at 404 E. Grand, phone 760 233 0900. They rent space to over 30 vendors inside also. Amy  bought barn wood and metal straps and showed it all off in her last blog. The picture below is off their facebook. Picture credit given to the store. Just looking at the sign makes me want to go there. I will take pictures of as many vendors and their stuff as I can and put them up next week. Doesn’t it look cool? I love it when you love the store before you even get in the door.


Last Sunday we went to the Rose Bowl again. God I love that place. So many cool vendors. Couldn’t spend too much money, as usual.


So I bought this poor baby. Pretty clear what I am going to do with it? Well, I’m not sure. If you can’t tell it is an old table with no top. (old and no top on-I think I have had that nightmare!) I want to replace the missing top but haven’t made up my mind what to use. I saw three of these tables at the Rose Bowl in carts before I found mine so other people are thinking of the possibilities also. I thought about yardsticks and even bought one but I’m not sure. Barn or pallet wood is in the running too.

Other events this weekend

If you are looking for a good swap meet also on the calendar this weekend are the Glendale swap meet, Melrose in Los Angeles and Long Beach Antique Market. It’s hard to choose. I have been to all of them, they are all long running excellent venues. If we weren’t going to Urban Barn I would probably pick Glendale. It’s not as big as others but I have always been able to score a treasure there. There is always a swap meet somewhere. I love it that since we started the blog I have found many more and I will keep sharing them with you.

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Rusty Love


From Trading Post 1908, Rustylove’s booth. My friend had this made since she lives on Route 66. Isn’t it cool? Magnets raise and keep the letters in place. Love it!

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

Rustic wood and pebbles

This project was probably one of my favorites to date.  It was my first time working with rustic wood and metal, natural products that I actually gathered myself. If you recall from my post a couple of weeks ago I was on vacation in the San Diego area,  and stumbled upon the Urban Barn in Escondido. This great little vintage shop had the barn built-in the back room.  This is where I picked up most of the materials for today’s project.

This project was inspired by some of the pallet projects from a previous post. That project is still to come, as we had a slew of things take place, the water heater decided to fail and flood the garage and part of the house, add the clean up of that mess to baseball, work, school and you’ve got a pallet that still sitting in your garage. That’s OK now I’ve got a second pallet on the way and that opens up the possibility of really creating that chest.

Moving forward while on vacation, we visited some of our favorite beaches and one of our favorite pastimes is to collect shells and beach pebbles.  I love the multitude of colors that you can find, and frequently display the shells in large clear cases around my home.

I started off by lightly and gently sweeping the board free of debris. I  was tempted to spray a clear coat on to the pebbles but I really like the natural look of them.  I adhered the metal band into the same lines that they had previously been in, utilizing a clear silicone.  After weighing that down and allowing it to dry, I then took my pebbles and arranged them into the shape that I wanted.  This time I used a stronger clear silicone to adhere each individual pebble. image

I let this dry for about an hour and then stood back to take a look at this wonderful new piece of art I had created. I might be bragging a bit here, but I absolutely adore this project. It doesn’t bother me that the wood wasn’t cut straight or that one of the bands was originally glued at an angle or that the paint is chipping off the old barn wood siding.  I just love the way that the project turned out and the history behind it.  Once upon a time that wood was on the side of someone’s barn. They raised their horses or cattle in that barn or stored their grains and farm machines under the shelter.  It had a vital part to the daily function and history of that family, and now for my family. We found that wood and that metal strip, and together we collected those pebbles on the beaches on our vacation, so our memories definitely became a part of this piece.
imageThis is a great piece because it can be propped  again a wall or hung. It could even be put into a frame with an open front and used as a centerpiece on a wall.

I’m definitely headed back down to the Urban Barn to collect some more of these materials.  I plan on making a few more of these and now I’m inspired to open a store. Not the large brick-and-mortar stores that you can see while strolling through a beach town I’m not there yet.  But, I do see an online store in the near future. I’m fortunate to live in an area where I can find these materials and I just want to share these types of projects with those who may not live in a place that has these materials available.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed creating the project for this post. Please leave some comments below, send us feedback, we love hearing from our readers. It’s important to us that we bring you material that you love to read.

Thanks for reading….Amy


Mad about this project….

Here’s a sneak peek of tomorrow’s blog. Make sure you check back for the full story and picture.


More Trading Post 1908





Ann is a friend of ours and we were so excited to see her at Trading Post 1908 this weekend. She decoupages these wonderful handbags. How unique are they? She carries the beautiful tops in the above picture. Everyone who loves Paris raise your hands. And, we need to buy one of these,she has compacts, some with the Eiffel Tower. Cute cute cute. The blouses and scarves are drop dead gorgeous, and she has many many  different scarf charms. Ann is a busy business owner and does craft shows every weekend. Visit her website for more info about her creations. Just one more of the talented vendors we met at Trading Post 1908. Stay tuned for more about other vendors at Trading Post 1908.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie and Amy