Pillow Talk…

I have to say that this project was a favorite of mine. 2 years ago today, I married the most amazing man and I take every chance to celebrate him and shower him with love. He has given me the freedom to be me and also turned the 2nd biggest room in the house into my craft room. So, I love doing things for him and this is one of them.

A traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. So I decided to take this theme and create something with chalk paint. I’ve been looking for a project that didn’t involve furniture. (That’s coming in a few weeks-I hope). I hit upon the perfect idea. Pillows! We love decorative pillows and my bed certainly needed a few more….

I bought some Sand colored pillow covers and inserts at Hobby Lobby. (Use your app for the coupons!) I then bought Americana Decor chalk paint in Vintage (of course) and Home Decor wax. The waxing is important, stay tuned and I will tell you why.

First step-Iron the pillow covers. If you don’t you will not have a nice smooth surface to work with. It’s easier to paint and looks great too.

imageTip: place a protective barrier in the pillow, this will protect the side of the pillow cover. Next take your stencil and position on the flat surface. Tape these in place and use something to weigh the stencil down in a few places. Dip a brush into the well shaken chalk paint, then paint over the stencil. Allow to dry. Repeat. Allow to dry after each layer.

Once you have painted 3 layers (or more depending on how deep you want the color), it is time to wax. If you recall I used Home Decor Wax.   Pour some wax onto a plate and then dip a big rounded brush into it and work into the chalk paint. Rub out until there is no longer any tackiness to the wax. Allow to dry.








After all the wax is rubbed out on the pillow is dry, remove the protective layer. Stuff the pillows and fluff. Present in a beautifully wrapped bag, with chalkboard tags. I promise you’ll love the results!



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Thanks for reading, Amy

P.S. Hubby loved the pillows!



  1. So cute!

  2. Hi Kelsie! Thank you. I adore these pillows and plan to make a few more.