Pallet Projects…

My sweet hubby brought home a pallet for me the other day. I had casually mentioned and pointed out some pallet projects that I though would be fun, and let’s just say he takes a hint quite well. image

So, now that I have the pallet-it is time to come up with a project. Of course Pinterest has many great ideas and of course I want to make them all!! I could get my hands on another pallet for the project….Honey!!!! But, in the meantime, what do I make with this gorgeous recycled wood?? Here’s where our amazing readers come in.

I found a few projects that can be done using the pallet(s) and that will fit into our home decor. Living inland in Southern California and being beach lovers, it’s important to us to feel comfortable and at peace in our home. This means pulling in colors and beachy decor, with a hint of the eclectic style I love.

Please help me choose which project will take this plain pallet into a work of art for our home. I have selected a few that will work for us and our home.

imageHow adorable is this chest? I love the color. It would fit perfectly into our backyard for storage or at the end of our bed for extra blankets. It does require a second pallet, so hubby will be on the lookout. But, I think he was born with a horseshoe implanted somewhere, because he is always lucky. (He got me!)


imageI love the look of this rustic mirror. It would be a simple project to complete. You can find mirrors at any home improvement store for a few dollars. I would build it out a little more. Make it a real statement piece.

imageThis screams beach! The colors are rich and vintage. A cute little shelf I could put most anywhere and then add some of the shells and things I find on my beach walks.

imageThis heart is so cute. Made from colorful beach stones. One of my favorite activities is searching the beach for unique stones and shells. I can see this hung up in our hallway, right above the wainscoting I convinced my husband we need.


imageThe final idea is a frame. We have been wanting to find out how to make the rustic picture frames we see on the beach shops. This is a good comparable. I have so many photos of family and only so little space to place stand up frames.


So there you have it faithful readers. Do you see why I have a hard time choosing? Please comment with your choice. The project with the most votes will be the project I (we) make! This is exciting. I can’t wait to see what everyone chooses.

Thanks for reading…… Amy

(photo cred to Pinterest project creators)



  1. I like them all!