Love Shadows

Over the years my husband and son have given me many bouquets of beautiful flowers. (I am very blessed.) Typically, I dry them out and end up sticking them wherever I find room. But, I needed to do something creative with them. Pinterest to the rescue!

I ran down to the Michael’s craft store and using my trusty Michaels app and their wonderful coupons, picked up an unfinished glass front shadowbox and some beautiful gray stain.

Once home in my craft room I dug out some burlap that I had left over from my initial boards. With these items in hand headed down to the garage and my husband’s workshop, why should he have all the fun of using his tools?

I lightly sanded the pine unfinished shadowbox to have a rough finish for the stain to absorb into. Using the gray beachy feeling stain I proceeded to lightly stain the bare wood.  To achieve the dark hue I wanted I allowed drying time between each coat, about 1/2 hour. While allowing that stain to dry I took a piece of burlap and cut it to size. I wanted the burlap to cover most of the inside of the shadowbox but leave some of the wood exposed.

Using the cut piece of burlap and a paper valentine  I traced a heart shape in the middle. This would be my platform for the next step in the project. I glued the burlap to the inside at the stained shadowbox utilizing a spray on adhesive.

I then took several of the old roses that I’d dried out- all the various shades of red and pink, and a few white ones. I cut the heads of the roses off leaving no stem attached. I chose colors that complement each other and that I could use to create some contrast with in my design.

Once everything had been dried, prepared and was ready, I took the rose buds and I began to glue them into the heart shape on the burlap. I suggest using a glue gun that has dual settings.

I was quite pleased with the finished project. What better way to take those flowers that your husband or children have given you and be able to display them in a beautiful setting. The shadowbox currently sits in my office where I can enjoy it on a daily basis, contemplating my next project, class assignment, or simply doing my taxes.

I hope you have enjoyed this. I would love to see your projects.

Thanks for reading…Amyimage


  1. Jeanne Freeman says:

    Great idea Amy! I love the detailed instructions! Perfect to display in all floral related season’s!

  2. Heather Urban says:

    Cute. Good job.