We started a new board on Pinterest about Junkin’ quotes. It’s amazing to see how many (trashy) addicts are around. Just as we think we are the only ones trash pickin’, dumpster diving, haunting thrift stores and going on every web site we can find to add to our schedule of flea markets and swap meets to visit, we find out we are not alone. (Although it can be very lonely when you are going up and down alleys for treasures and being glared at.) Some people just don’t get it!!! So to find all these sayings and quotes for you was a treat.The sign below kinda says it all for us. Found it on Pinterest and we couldn’t find the maker to give them credit but love the sentiment. Restore your world indeed!!


We go to the flea markets and swap meets and it is there that you begin to realize you’re not just cheap or frugal. You are saving the past, remembering it by transforming old treasures and making new from old.It is not only just being green, it’s the enjoyment of reusing neat stuff.  When you realize people are making a living from old junk it’s quite an awakening. When you realize you could do the same-wow what a rush. It’s nice when others appreciate your creations.

So visit our Pinterest page-We’re mad about… and open the Junkin’ quotes. We laughed our heads off at some of them-they are better at getting rid of a bad mood than most of the stuff we try-although wine is a close second. If you have time look up Maxine cartoons too-we dare you not to laugh hysterically. Enjoy and share with us.

Thanks for reading… Amy and Bonnie.