I’m an addict

It’s an addiction, I know, when you eye everything in sight and imagine how it will look chalk painted. I hear others at flea markets saying “that would be really cute chalk painted.” I see them whispering and pointing so I know I’m not alone. But I am an addict so here are my latest projects. Simple but fun. I started with dollar store glass candlesticks and some old wood ones I had, and of course, chalk paint. Annie  Sloan is my favorite for big projects but for smaller ones I go to Michaels or Joann’s. They sell Home Decor or Americana Decor or Art Minds. I like all of them and they are each inexpensive enough to try several different colors, with a coupon, naturally. So clean your candlesticks, spread out a newspaper, grab a foam paintbrush and lets get started.


I like to make these for different occasions. I have made a set for Easter, a set for Halloween and Christmas and a set for my dresser. Add a favorite ribbon or as I did, use a piece of scrapbook paper to set it on. I also wrapped my candle in paper, not to burn, of course. It’s not like we all don’t have 5,000 sheets of these beautiful papers sitting around. You know you do! image

I put two coats on each, letting dry in between about one hour. The pictures below show what I started with. I love to see the dramatic change with just a dye job-wait that’s my hair, I mean with just a coat of paint! We all need a little cover up sometimes. I also put a dash of white to shabby them up a little.

Simple but adaptable. Cute craft for an afternoon with your daughter or granddaughter, hint hint to mine! I like to look around the house and see how little changes brighten a room.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie



  1. haha! I’m the same way with gold spray paint. All gold everything! 😉

  2. Great job I like it

  3. Very nice!