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What’s going on



First: plans for the weekend. Savoir Faire is on my list. I have been several times and its great how fast this venue has taken off. There are a variety of vendors that have really vintage pieces for sale. I love all kinds of markets and this is becoming one of my favorites.

We have spent the last week or so going over our social media. We started Instagram under weremadabout. Take a look at it. Amazing how it takes off so quick. My 12 year old granddaughter had to give me a tutorial-some of it actually sunk in. She trys not to laugh as I fumble around. We are having fun posting on it.

Following up on some of our favorite people and places:

Curbside Treasures in Upland is going to have a class on glazing with Judy, one of the owners. Date to be announced. It should be fun and informative. The store is filled with painted pieces and other beautiful items. Check out their facebook page.

Shabbylogy, in Covina, has alot of activities going on. When we were there last week I got a flyer about their Mothers Day Teas. There will be two, one Sat May 7th and one Sun May 8th both at 1:00. Sounds like fun, girls. The phone there is 626 890-6091 if you want to make a reservation. They also have classes and now rent wedding accessories.They have a couple of things I have my eye on in the shop, shhh birthdays coming up.

Our friend Maria, whom I posted about before, has some new creations, beautiful aprons from vintage materials. She is now at Long Beach Flea Market, Tustin and Savoir Faire. Look for the booth with aprons hung all around.

Amy, even with being on vacation, has gone wild on Instagram and is making me jealous with the places she is going. Salvage Yard heaven! I’m making a list of shops and flea markets just from the people we started following to go visit. I love finding new vendors.


Look for my post tomorrow on Mercantile flea market in Fullerton. It’s this Sat at 115 S. Harbor Blvd. I’ll show you what I bought there a few monthsago and what I did with it. I hope to make it there again Saturday.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie



Pallet Projects…

My sweet hubby brought home a pallet for me the other day. I had casually mentioned and pointed out some pallet projects that I though would be fun, and let’s just say he takes a hint quite well. image

So, now that I have the pallet-it is time to come up with a project. Of course Pinterest has many great ideas and of course I want to make them all!! I could get my hands on another pallet for the project….Honey!!!! But, in the meantime, what do I make with this gorgeous recycled wood?? Here’s where our amazing readers come in.

I found a few projects that can be done using the pallet(s) and that will fit into our home decor. Living inland in Southern California and being beach lovers, it’s important to us to feel comfortable and at peace in our home. This means pulling in colors and beachy decor, with a hint of the eclectic style I love.

Please help me choose which project will take this plain pallet into a work of art for our home. I have selected a few that will work for us and our home.

imageHow adorable is this chest? I love the color. It would fit perfectly into our backyard for storage or at the end of our bed for extra blankets. It does require a second pallet, so hubby will be on the lookout. But, I think he was born with a horseshoe implanted somewhere, because he is always lucky. (He got me!)


imageI love the look of this rustic mirror. It would be a simple project to complete. You can find mirrors at any home improvement store for a few dollars. I would build it out a little more. Make it a real statement piece.

imageThis screams beach! The colors are rich and vintage. A cute little shelf I could put most anywhere and then add some of the shells and things I find on my beach walks.

imageThis heart is so cute. Made from colorful beach stones. One of my favorite activities is searching the beach for unique stones and shells. I can see this hung up in our hallway, right above the wainscoting I convinced my husband we need.


imageThe final idea is a frame. We have been wanting to find out how to make the rustic picture frames we see on the beach shops. This is a good comparable. I have so many photos of family and only so little space to place stand up frames.


So there you have it faithful readers. Do you see why I have a hard time choosing? Please comment with your choice. The project with the most votes will be the project I (we) make! This is exciting. I can’t wait to see what everyone chooses.

Thanks for reading…… Amy

(photo cred to Pinterest project creators)


My Easter Present


I’m an addict

It’s an addiction, I know, when you eye everything in sight and imagine how it will look chalk painted. I hear others at flea markets saying “that would be really cute chalk painted.” I see them whispering and pointing so I know I’m not alone. But I am an addict so here are my latest projects. Simple but fun. I started with dollar store glass candlesticks and some old wood ones I had, and of course, chalk paint. Annie  Sloan is my favorite for big projects but for smaller ones I go to Michaels or Joann’s. They sell Home Decor or Americana Decor or Art Minds. I like all of them and they are each inexpensive enough to try several different colors, with a coupon, naturally. So clean your candlesticks, spread out a newspaper, grab a foam paintbrush and lets get started.


I like to make these for different occasions. I have made a set for Easter, a set for Halloween and Christmas and a set for my dresser. Add a favorite ribbon or as I did, use a piece of scrapbook paper to set it on. I also wrapped my candle in paper, not to burn, of course. It’s not like we all don’t have 5,000 sheets of these beautiful papers sitting around. You know you do! image

I put two coats on each, letting dry in between about one hour. The pictures below show what I started with. I love to see the dramatic change with just a dye job-wait that’s my hair, I mean with just a coat of paint! We all need a little cover up sometimes. I also put a dash of white to shabby them up a little.

Simple but adaptable. Cute craft for an afternoon with your daughter or granddaughter, hint hint to mine! I like to look around the house and see how little changes brighten a room.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie


Pillow Talk…

I have to say that this project was a favorite of mine. 2 years ago today, I married the most amazing man and I take every chance to celebrate him and shower him with love. He has given me the freedom to be me and also turned the 2nd biggest room in the house into my craft room. So, I love doing things for him and this is one of them.

A traditional 2nd anniversary gift is cotton. So I decided to take this theme and create something with chalk paint. I’ve been looking for a project that didn’t involve furniture. (That’s coming in a few weeks-I hope). I hit upon the perfect idea. Pillows! We love decorative pillows and my bed certainly needed a few more….

I bought some Sand colored pillow covers and inserts at Hobby Lobby. (Use your app for the coupons!) I then bought Americana Decor chalk paint in Vintage (of course) and Home Decor wax. The waxing is important, stay tuned and I will tell you why.

First step-Iron the pillow covers. If you don’t you will not have a nice smooth surface to work with. It’s easier to paint and looks great too.

imageTip: place a protective barrier in the pillow, this will protect the side of the pillow cover. Next take your stencil and position on the flat surface. Tape these in place and use something to weigh the stencil down in a few places. Dip a brush into the well shaken chalk paint, then paint over the stencil. Allow to dry. Repeat. Allow to dry after each layer.

Once you have painted 3 layers (or more depending on how deep you want the color), it is time to wax. If you recall I used Home Decor Wax.   Pour some wax onto a plate and then dip a big rounded brush into it and work into the chalk paint. Rub out until there is no longer any tackiness to the wax. Allow to dry.








After all the wax is rubbed out on the pillow is dry, remove the protective layer. Stuff the pillows and fluff. Present in a beautifully wrapped bag, with chalkboard tags. I promise you’ll love the results!



I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

Thanks for reading, Amy

P.S. Hubby loved the pillows!


Curbside Treasures

FullSizeRenderThis shop is so unique I really enjoy going there and snooping around. You need to go through it slowly in order to see all the amazing items they have. Owned by Judy Ramirez and Dee Archuleta, at 1182 Monte Vista Unit 1 in Upland, it is run differently in that you need to check for days and hours before you go. Totally worth it. They are open usually 2 weekends a month, for now. Their email is You can find them on Pinterest and Facebook under Curbside Treasures of course!3-15-16 024

I had to buy this table, I thought it was cleverly done. The store accepts vendors and I like the way they mix each vendors style with theirs.I asked how they would describe their store and I think they did it perfectly. Here it is:

“What we would like our customers to know about us: We are a new recycle, upcycled, vintage, antique warehouse. We are not your traditional storefront,musty and cluttered. We do not have traditional operating hours: so, please check our Facebook page for days and times.

Oh! I said warehouse, yes, we are in a business park on the corner of Monte Vista and Foothill. Some say we’re easy to find, some say it’s a challenge. Be diligent, we’re worth it with great owners and dealers and awesome merchandise and great prices.

Come back again and again and watch us change and grow.”3-15-16 022.JPG


I think they hit the nail on the head with that description. Every time I am there the store has new items and is rearranged to showcase them.Here is a picture of some of their pieces. I love that we are getting shops like this around my area. Soon to come-an update on another shop in Upland.

So look them up, go visit, leave your comments. Support your local independent businesses so we keep them. Let us know about other shops in this area you like also.

Thanks for reading…Bonnie


Vintage Marketplace

Hi-this is Bonnie. Saturday Amy and I got the chance to go together to The Vintage Marketplace in their new setting at Galway Downs. It was great to spend time together since she is so busy now. Luckily no rain, but the ground was a little wet.They are set for June next time which will be perfect. It’s a great location, food trucks and picnic tables to sit at, and there were lots of vendors.  Beautiful area just to drive around too. Next time I want to go the first day because everything sells so quickly, it’s great for the vendors. I did buy something to remake and I’ll be posting a picture later of my finished creation. Think Easter…


Hi, this is Amy. It was so nice to get out for a morning with my mom. I enjoy our time together and love that we’re have similar interests and can spend quality time together. This was my first trip to The Vintage Marketplace. OH MY!! Such creative people out there. There were so many wonderful shops to explore and creative things to see. image I did pick up a special item for a new project. It needs a lot of cleaning up and love to prepare it for the next steps. But, I am super excited!! One of my favorite shops was Hey Sugar, Hello Cookie! Victoria and Lauren rehabbed a 1950’s trailer and turned into an adorable traveling coffee and treat suite. I am looking forward to going again and spending a little more time, when there is less mud! Enjoy the pics!

Thanks for reading……




We started a new board on Pinterest about Junkin’ quotes. It’s amazing to see how many (trashy) addicts are around. Just as we think we are the only ones trash pickin’, dumpster diving, haunting thrift stores and going on every web site we can find to add to our schedule of flea markets and swap meets to visit, we find out we are not alone. (Although it can be very lonely when you are going up and down alleys for treasures and being glared at.) Some people just don’t get it!!! So to find all these sayings and quotes for you was a treat.The sign below kinda says it all for us. Found it on Pinterest and we couldn’t find the maker to give them credit but love the sentiment. Restore your world indeed!!


We go to the flea markets and swap meets and it is there that you begin to realize you’re not just cheap or frugal. You are saving the past, remembering it by transforming old treasures and making new from old.It is not only just being green, it’s the enjoyment of reusing neat stuff.  When you realize people are making a living from old junk it’s quite an awakening. When you realize you could do the same-wow what a rush. It’s nice when others appreciate your creations.

So visit our Pinterest page-We’re mad about… and open the Junkin’ quotes. We laughed our heads off at some of them-they are better at getting rid of a bad mood than most of the stuff we try-although wine is a close second. If you have time look up Maxine cartoons too-we dare you not to laugh hysterically. Enjoy and share with us.

Thanks for reading… Amy and Bonnie.


Love Shadows

Over the years my husband and son have given me many bouquets of beautiful flowers. (I am very blessed.) Typically, I dry them out and end up sticking them wherever I find room. But, I needed to do something creative with them. Pinterest to the rescue!

I ran down to the Michael’s craft store and using my trusty Michaels app and their wonderful coupons, picked up an unfinished glass front shadowbox and some beautiful gray stain.

Once home in my craft room I dug out some burlap that I had left over from my initial boards. With these items in hand headed down to the garage and my husband’s workshop, why should he have all the fun of using his tools?

I lightly sanded the pine unfinished shadowbox to have a rough finish for the stain to absorb into. Using the gray beachy feeling stain I proceeded to lightly stain the bare wood.  To achieve the dark hue I wanted I allowed drying time between each coat, about 1/2 hour. While allowing that stain to dry I took a piece of burlap and cut it to size. I wanted the burlap to cover most of the inside of the shadowbox but leave some of the wood exposed.

Using the cut piece of burlap and a paper valentine  I traced a heart shape in the middle. This would be my platform for the next step in the project. I glued the burlap to the inside at the stained shadowbox utilizing a spray on adhesive.

I then took several of the old roses that I’d dried out- all the various shades of red and pink, and a few white ones. I cut the heads of the roses off leaving no stem attached. I chose colors that complement each other and that I could use to create some contrast with in my design.

Once everything had been dried, prepared and was ready, I took the rose buds and I began to glue them into the heart shape on the burlap. I suggest using a glue gun that has dual settings.

I was quite pleased with the finished project. What better way to take those flowers that your husband or children have given you and be able to display them in a beautiful setting. The shadowbox currently sits in my office where I can enjoy it on a daily basis, contemplating my next project, class assignment, or simply doing my taxes.

I hope you have enjoyed this. I would love to see your projects.

Thanks for reading…Amyimage