There’s something about Maria

Going to flea markets and swap meets almost every weekend you tend to start seeing the same faces. That’s what happened to us at the Tustin antique market. We met vendor Maria Tobias, who has a really unique booth, when one of my friends tried to buy one of everything she has. (almost Jeanne almost!).  Variety should be her middle name, she makes so many beautiful items.IMG_0160 Maria makes a wrap, in lace or velvet, that can be worn so many different ways-I honestly can’t remember them all. Friendly and warm, Maria has a talent for this business. Be U Accessories, phone 714-722-7327 is one way to find her. We have seen her at Tustin, where she has been for 3 years, and Saveur Faire, a new venue in Fullerton, and she does several other markets.We’ll be doing a post on Saveur Faire later too.

Maria also carries darling key chains she makes, head bands, hats etc. etc.etc. ( I picked up the etc etc etc when my son-in-laws birthday came around and I was too lazy to type the whole happy birthday song in a text, now it’s stuck in my brain!) It’s always a surprise to see what new stuff she has and how attractive the booth is. I’m stealing some of her display ideas when we actually get around to selling our stuff. More on that later.
So look for Maria and her darling creations or give her a call.
Thanks for reading…Bonnie


  1. Jeanne Freeman says:

    Maria is the absolute best! Very clever and creative! and yes! I have bought a very large portion of the versatile wraps she creates! And glad of it!..And will probably buy many, many more!. Always receive compliments whenever I wear something Maria has made! It’s Marias personality and enthusiasm that really makes her booth stand out and makes you enjoy pulling out that wallet!