I love going to tea. Get dressed up a little, have some cute sandwiches, gossip with your friends, and drink amazing teas, that’s my idea of a fun day. Add a flea market after and I am in heaven. At home it’s a different story, I have to brew the tea myself! Somehow it never feels the same. So I decided to make a tea counter in my kitchen, to enjoy that experience at home.  image

It turned out to be easy and best of all, makes me reach for my tea cup instead of a soda. Start with chipboard letters from Hobby Lobby, about 3 inches tall, an old book from the thrift store, and Mod Podge. Tear out a book page and rip it into little pieces. Good way to get out some aggressions!                     image

Mod Podge the paper to each of the letters and let dry about 2 hours. Cut to fit each letter evenly with an Exacto knife. Then take a brown ink pad and rub it across the front of the letter and a little more on each edge. That’s it!! A simple craft that all of us can do and I get compliments all the time. You could make a Coffee or Drink Bar or even a Goodie Station for a party. Hang with foam squares from the dollar store and this will leave no mess on the wall when you want to change it.


Mason jars are perfect for holding your tea bags, sugar, spoons, and tea infusers to complete your area. I added a drawer pull and old key to spice mine up. A cute picture I framed from Etsy adds to the layout. Cupcake liners also work perfectly under a Mason jar lid to hold your sugar. Changing them out for holidays is a cute way to highlight them. Add a favorite tea pot and I’m ready to serve. All I need is to find enough tea cups for my friends-may have to go to the flea market and pick up some.. image

Tea anyone???

Thanks for reading…Bonnie

P.S. Shabbylogy hosts tea partys also, check their web site for dates.