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As a baby boomer, and admittedly one who didn’t plan her retirement well and therefore needs to be frugal, I am often teased about being so. Couponing and thrifting are a way of life now. I think that’s why I am so drawn to flea markets. The idea of finding something that has been used, loved, cherished, spit up on and then used again gets me everytime. I love love love seeing the creative things that have been remade. When I see a pallet board made into a Christmas tree using only nails and imagination I am so happy (and jealous). Last week we came across a garden of plates, vases and knobs made into flowers. Who thinks up these things? So cute and what a great recycle idea. Just look in the thrift stores-there’s a million trillion used pieces of art waiting for you. So that was my theme this week-to redo a well used object. Simple huh? Simple things are never simple, but this actually turned out to be …simple. Sometimes I think I should wear a crown that says “junkin wannabe” or “frugal sometimes” or “junker in training.” But this time I found my inspiration-from Pinterest of course. Also from my backyard shed which holds all my finds from flea markets, including about 300 cups and saucers. So here goes my tutorial for making a succulent garden in a teacup or a small bowl or a teapot-whatever you can find.

Step one-find a cup, glue a saucer to the bottom with E6000 if desired

Step two-put in a layer of small rocks

Step three-fill 3/4 up with a mixture of landscaping sand and potting soil

Step four-put in plants, 2-3 of them, and tamp down dirt

Step five-put in decorative pieces-fairys, mushrooms, birds, benches, arches

Step six-fill with more potting soil and tamp down again

Step seven-use rock or moss to cover soil

Step eight-water lightly and put on your kitchen counter

Step nine-mist about every 3-5 days

Step ten-show it off to everyone who visits and congratulate yourself-You are a recycler!!

Thanks for reading…Bonnie






  1. those are so cute, would love to see more when you finish them

  2. thanks for sharing these, great idea

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