Best Weekend ever!!!!!

Hi, it's Bonnie. I waited till tonight, to post for last week because I wanted to talk about our weekend. Amy went to Seahive Marketplace in Oceanside for the first time and she said I need to get over there. It's a new warehouse type store filled with vendors, notably, Boarding House Broads for … [Continue reading]

Come on Fall!!!!!

Hi it's Bonnie, One commo:n phrase we have heard lately is how slow it is. Not many buyers or lookers, summer is usually low volume. There's a couple of reasons for it. First, it's hot as h... I haven't been out as often because I dread going from cool store to hot car, only to do it again and … [Continue reading]

3 Social Media tips!!!

Hi it's Bonnie, Social Media is a tough one. Some people are just made for it. Me, I have to have my 14 year old granddaughter explain it to me!!! … [Continue reading]

July Summary

Hi everyone! We were going through our calendar for July yesterday. We have gotten in the habit of  jotting down where we went on certain days for … [Continue reading]

Mission Statement

Hi everyone! Amy and I have been talking lately about our mission statement. Why we do the Instagram and blog is a question we sometimes get. Well, … [Continue reading]

Junk in the Trunk- Liberty Station style

Hi All!! Have you been to the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market yet? If not, what are you waiting for? This awesome market is happening next in … [Continue reading]

Top 5 items to sell!!!!!!

Good evening from Amy and Bonnie, As you know if you follow us, we go to a lot of flea markets, stores, parking lot sales and events. In doing so … [Continue reading]

More of us…

Hi, we are Amy and Bonnie, mother and daughter that make up We're Mad About. How are you guys doing? We have met a lot of you, vendors, store … [Continue reading]

It isn’t JUNK!!!!

Hi, this is Bonnie, home from my trip to Utah. It's nice to go on vacation but nicest to come home. Honestly Utah is clean, clear, beautiful, no … [Continue reading]

Where are you???

A few thoughts... We're Mad About... all our vendor friends but sometimes we can't find you!! If you are a vendor you are running a business. … [Continue reading]